I know you can’t expect a lot from a budget pair of headphones, but even at its current price this unit leaves much to be desired. It compares to similar products in the $10 price range. If they had lowered the price, or improved quality, I would change the overall rating of the product. But given the current price of around $20 (and the outrageous “list” price of $50), I have to dock some points.

DSCN0800The packaging for the product is attractive enough. In fact, it raises expectations beyond what I think the headphones themselves can meet. Referencing “super bass” and “high definition” sound makes you think you’re getting a product that simply isn’t what’s present.

Materials/Construction: 4/5
The high point of the unit is its design. It’s trendy, light, and pretty well-made. There don’t appear to be any mechanical or physical issues with the headphones, and they have fairly comfortable on-ear cups. These might feel a little small for an adult, but for children I could see them being a good fit. Children might also be the targeted market, though it doesn’t specifically say so on the product or packaging.

DSCN0802Speakers/Sound: 2.5/5
Where these headphones fall quite short is in sound quality. The packaging itself makes reference to the bass, but it’s quite weak in the unit when compared to headphones in a similar price range. These only utilize a 40mm driver, rather than the larger 50mm driver of over the ear headphone options. This limits the low-end, and you’re simply not getting as much bass as you’d probably want. Now, for children this is probably desirable. But even taking bass out of the equation, the high and mid ranges are tinny and lacking real clarity. So, it’s hard to take this pair of headphones seriously if you like to listen to music regularly and want good sound.

Final Score: 2.5/5

5 Star Rating

Sound Intone I68:  $17.99 Amazon.com