The new Mindkoo bluetooth headset isn’t bad, but the sound isn’t as clear or deep as it could be. It doesn’t say anywhere on the box, but I can only assume the unit uses 40mm drivers (as many on-ear headphones do) rather than the larger 50mm. This does limit the capacity of the unit to deliver more well-rounded sound and deeper bass. Again, this is typical of many on-ear headphones, so I can’t fault this unit specifically for that.

b3Design/Manufacturing: 4/5

Visually it’s a nice-looking headset. The headband is a sleek plastic material, with an interesting overlap design with the foldable portion. That design seems unique to this model, as I haven’t really seen other manufacturers with a similar design yet. The ear cups are home to the controls for the unit, along with a 3.5mm plug in case you don’t want to use the bluetooth capability of the headphones. They’re compact and easy to put in a bag or backpack for travelling.

Sound Quality: 3/5

As I mentioned, the sound is good but could be better. If you play something that you expect to have deep bass (say The Black Eyed Peas or similar), you’re going to likely find it comes up short. The bass is there, but lacks any real depth or booming quality. The mid and high tones come through evenly, though the clarity is also not perfect. It doesn’t sound overly muddy, but there is definitely room for improvement in that category.

Use/Functionality: 3.5/5

The headphones were very easy to pair after charging. I just had to turn them on and scan, and I was instantly able to find and pair them. They give some audio responses to indicate when they’re paired, and the power light also shows when pairing and paired. So, ease of use is definitely good. ┬áIt doesn’t have any of the more advanced features, and can only pair to a single device at once.

b4Final Score: 3.5/55 Star RatingOverall, I’d have to say these headphones were good, and for the price they’re close to some of the similar products available online. But I have to say they are definitely not for audiophiles or people who listen almost exclusively to pop or songs with deep bass.

Also, the price point of $30 puts it at odds with some of the similar but less expensive options in bluetooth headphones. I can’t compare one specifically to this, but I’m not sure if the style or manufacturing warrants the price difference.

Mindkoo Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: $29.99