Not only is this a hidden recorder, but also an 8Gb flash drive and MP3 player (and a pen, of course!). So, I had to keep that in mind when reviewing the product. It does have some occasional fun use as a hidden audio recorder alone, but as that isn’t something most people would be doing very often, it’s good to know there’s more to the product. It offers a variety of function in a pretty well-constructed product.

– Good sound recording quality.
– Multi-function (MP3 & flash drive).
– Actually a working ink pen with refills.

– Provided earbuds are garbage.
– Instructions are very poorly written in broken English.

The main thing you’d want out of a product like this is audio quality. When I first made a recording and listened to it, I thought it was terrible. However, I had a suspicion as to why. I unplugged the provided earbuds and used my own. I immediately realized that the audio recording quality is actually quite good, but the provided earbuds are complete garbage. They’re cheap, and completely useless. Frankly, the fact that they’re part of the package is a detriment.

p2The package also comes with its own USB connector, which is NOT a standard micro-USB (so don’t lose it!). It also has a little remote that allows you to listen to your files directly from the device. It can pause/play, turn volume up or down, and skip forward and backward in tracks. This little remote actually makes it so you could use the pen as an MP3 player if you wanted. It’s not the most convenient thing to use, but it works should you want to use it for that. If course it’s also an 8Gb flash drive as well. I tested the storage capacity, and it is indeed the 8Gb listed amount (or rather the actual 7-something gigabytes in reality).

One problem with the complete package is the absolutely terrible instructions. There were likely translated hastily from Chinese, and are in sometimes confusing broken English. Luckily the device is VERY easy to use and rather intuitive. There is a little switch inside for turning it on and off. For recording, you simply depress the top of the pen once to begin recording, then again to stop. The audio file is saved to the flash drive. If it required more steps, the instructions could have been much more of a hindrance.

Final Score: 4/55 Star RatingOverall this offers some fun, a certain cool factor, and usefulness at a reasonable price. This would be a really fun present for a spy enthusiast or an older kid you likes these kinds of gadgets. The additional functionality as a flash drive and MP3 player makes it feel like you didn’t waste money on a novelty.

Spy Gadget 8Gb Hidden Voice Recorder Pen: $33.99 –