This may be a new product for 1byone, but it’s likely the best single-hand gaming keyboard/keypad you can get. It has an excellent design, combining the familiar with utility, and a comfortable ergonomic design that leaves most competition far behind. And at the current price online, it’s a hard accessory to pass up for a lot of gamers. Whether playing MOBAs or FPS games, there’s a lot to be had in the advantages of this unit.

– Mechanical keys.
– Full anti-ghosting.
– Ergonomic, comfortable design.
– Rubber palm rest provides stable grip.
– Full LED and macro customization.

– Had to copy install program from disc to rename it.

Design/Features: 5/5

This keyboard has a lot to offer, but we’ll start at the usable features. Firstly, the keys are mechanical. Aside from making a bit more noise, this means that you’re getting a higher-quality and faster response than a typical keyboard. Many other keyboards use a rubber depressor to register key-presses. This can lead to both slow and inaccurate responses. These keys have a responsive press, with a good sensitivity perfect for gaming.

k2They layout of the keypad is almost a mirror of the left side of a standard keyboard (though the large grey spot on the left is the space button, and the B, P, and G keys are in different places. This offers a certain immediate familiarity with the layout. But the keys aren’t ONLY standard keys. Each one of the 29 keys can be assigned to any function, keypress, or macro using the provided software. So while this works perfectly out of the box for applications like FPS and MOBA games, you can use it for any purposes you want with the customization options.

In addition to functional customization options, you can set the backlight to any number of color options. Of course you can turn it completely off, as well as adjust the brightness. There are options for pulsing, rotating colors, rainbow effect, and even individual keypress illumination should you want to set them up one at a time. This would allow you to set certain keys at a specific color for their function (if you’re playing a MOBA, the QWER keys, or in an FPS the WASD keys could be lit differently). It’s not a necessity, but it’s a level of customization not present in most similar products.

Construction/Durability: 5/5

The unit itself is very sturdy, and has some distinct weight to it. This is unlikely to go sliding around your desk between the solid construction and bottom anti-slip rubber pads. The USB cable has a braided outer layer, giving it more durability than the simply plastic-coated accessories. I can’t see anywhere on this unit where they may have skimped on quality. The space bar is easy to hit with your thumb, and doesn’t feel flimsy.

Final Score: 5/55 Star RatingOverall there is little fault to find in this keyboard. The only issue I had was when trying to install the provided software, the Chinese characters in the name made it unable to start. But a simple re-naming of the exe file solved that immediately. Otherwise this keypad sits at the top of its category due to the quality and pricing available. Even compared to top brands like Razer’s Tartarus or the Fang keypad, the 1byone Mechanical Gaming Keypad come out on top. So whether you’re looking for an addition to your gaming setup, or have wanted a mechanical keyboard but don’t want to pay $100+ for one, this is a great option.

1byone Mechanical Keyboard: $58.99 –