This product features a good 1080p HD camera, but design flaws and questionable information prevent it from reaching its potential. There seem to be too many issues present in design and packaging that indicate a lack of forethought in developing this product. It’s too bad really, because there are some solid aspects to build on if given the right approach and care. We’ll see if they improve the product, but for now this is what we’re having a look at.

– 1080p camera.
– Software fairly easy to use.
– Decent microphone.
– Included mini-DVR a fun little toy.

– Poorly written instructions.
– NOT a smoke detector (unclear in some places).
– TERRIBLE design for wall mounting.

Hardware: 4/5

As mentioned, the camera itself is good. Though it suffers from some framerate stutters when streaming at a full 1080, the image quality is rather good. It’s not a perfectly clear picture, but it’s certainly not bad. This is the point where Eyeclub beats most other options that have inferior cameras with lower resolution. The microphone in the unit also does a decent job of picking up sound in the room where it’s placed. So the ability to use it as a surveillance device is there.

Usability: 3/5

The provided instructions are TERRIBLE and confusing. They’re written in somewhat poorly-translated English, and it’s evident they didn’t have a native speaker proofread this for them. Luckily with some trial and error it only takes a few minutes to get the unit set up and connected to your home wifi network. The app used to control and view the feed is also rather intuitive (thankfully), but has many options that are completely useless to this unit. The app works for ALL their products, so you’ll see features like LED/night vision (which this doesn’t have). It also mentions in the instructions that there IS a smoke detector setting you can use, but there was not one at all we could find.

Design: 2/5

s2The worst failing of the unit comes in attempting to mount it to a wall/ceiling. They do provide a bracket, which does fit. HOWEVER, without being connected to a power supply, the camera runs out of power within 30-60 minutes. This means it MUST remain connected via its USB cable to a power supply while in use. The problem with this lies in the fact that the USB plug sticks out over 2 inches from the REAR of the unit. This makes mounting it and using it completely impossible unless you start drilling holes in things. Had it been a side connection, it would have been less unusable.

Final Score: 2.5/55 Star RatingIn all, I simply can’t recommend using this product to anyone. The camera is very good and the software works just fine. But the design is so flawed it makes the unit useless. They should seriously reconsider their engineering before selling a device like this, and hopefully they revise this and learn from their mistakes. I also hope they make it COMPLETELY clear that this is in no way a functioning smoke alarm. I would worry for anyone relying on this to warn them of a fire. For the price they’re charging, this is almost embarrassing.

Eyeclub  Wi-Fi Hidden  Smoke Detector Camera: $83.98 –