The BD laser gaming mouse from EasySMX offers some high level sensitivity for the most demanding of gamers. With a maximum DPI setting of 8200, you get responses with even the slightest hand movement. This works well for anyone gaming competitively, or even a gamer who demands the very highest sensitivity for their gameplay. The customization options on this mouse make it easy to set things up exactly the way you want.

– Very high DPI options.
– Symmetrical design works for left and right-handed gamers.
– Lots of customization, including weights.

– Very little LED for those who like more lighting.

m6Right out of the box, the mouse works perfectly well in Windows with plug-and-play. You’ll get the LED lighting, as well as 4 pre-set DPI options (cycled by pressing the DPI button). The unit also comes with 35g of weights that can be inserted into a compartment in the mouse (3x10g and 1x5g weights). This gives even more customization for those looking for a specific feel to the use of their mouse. With no weights used, the mouse itself is extremely light and easy to move around. But adding some additional weight can help some gamers make their mouse movements feel more responsive.

The provided software (on a mini installation disc) allows you to fully customize the DPI and LED settings of the mouse. With a range from 400-8200, there are a variety of options to fit your level of preferred sensitivity. And whether you prefer the LED color to change depending on the current DPI or keeping it a static color, you have that option as well. The software is easy to install, and easy to use.

Final Score: 4.5/55 Star RatingThere is little to find fault with in this gaming mouse, aside from some gamers possibly preferring a more substantial LED lighting. With the only area of light coming around the DPI switch at the center of the mouse, some may feel it’s not enough. Otherwise, this mouse offers a level of sensitivity and customization not typically found in its price range. For gamers looking to get an extremely reactive mouse with a customizable feel, this should be a definite consideration.

EasySMX BD-2428GML Laser Gaming Mouse: $38.99 –