The Sharkk Bluetooth headphones are an excellent, lightweight choice for anyone looking at wireless listening options. The construction is solid and anyone but those with the largest head sizes should find these to be quite comfortable. They offer extended playback time, and an excellent range from the bluetooth 4.0 connection. And as long as you have a quick charging port, they don’t take long to recharge either.

– Excellent sound quality.
– Extremely lightweight (under 7 ounces!).
– Passive noise cancelling.
– Excellent range.
– Long listen time.

– Not “booming” bass for those who want that.
– May not fit very large heads comfortably.

Construction/Design: 4.5/5

The lightweight construction of this is definitely a plus, especially for smaller people or those who simply don’t want to carry around a pound or more of weight on their head. At less than 7 ounces, this has to be one of the lightest headphones I’ve ever worn. But they didn’t skimp on quality construction to achieve their lightweight design. The housing for the ear cups and the main portion of the headband are metal. The padding on the cups and headband are soft, with a standard “faux leather” covering to them. They don’t feel slippery or rubbery, and are quite comfortable.

Sound: 4.5/5

The sound quality on these headphones actually caught me by surprise. Usually with smaller 40mm drivers, I don’t expect as much full sound, and considering these cost less than half the major brands, I wasn’t expecting exceptional clarity either. However, I was wrong on both counts. The music I tested (pop, rock, country, and classical) all sounded great. There was a deep bass, though not “booming” in the pop songs, but even there the mid and high ranges had astounding clarity. I would even say these come in very close to the Bose Quiet Comfort line (though without the active noise cancelling feature).

Final Score: 4.5/55 Star RatingOverall there was very little to find fault with in this headset. It was easy to connect over bluetooth, comes with a nice hard protective case, as well as the charging and auxiliary cables. The provided instructions were clear and easy to use, and the buttons functioned as expected, making it easy to control my music. And with sound quality rivaling the top brands, it’s hard to pass up at the price. I would easily recommend this headset for anyone but those with the largest head sizes. Enthusiasts and audiophiles alike will find a lot to enjoy in these headphones.

Sharkk Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones: $74.99 –