The Tomoko Mystic mouse is a great deal for the price. There is a lot of competition in the gaming accessories market, and it can be hard to determine just what you’re getting with each mouse and whether it’s worth the price. This mouse might not have everything for every gamer, but it offers a lot at a low price point. It’s hard to find another mouse that does more and costs so little.

– High 7200DPI sensitivity.
– Up to 1000Hz polling rate.
– LED Lighting.
– Customizable settings (rates and LED).
– Good design and button sensitivity.

– Surfaces maybe too slick for some.
– Lacks buttons for macro-heavy gamers.
– Customization software a pain to find (download only).
– Cheap packaging.

Design/Quality: 4.5/5

The mouse has a nice, modern, and solid design. It’s very similar to the previous G600 series from Logitech in terms of appearance and even feel. It’s neither too heavy nor too light, though it doesn’t offer custom weights or anything fancy. It has a symmetrical design that would be a plus for any left-handed gamers who have not adapted to right-hand designed gaming mice. There are ample buttons for base gaming functions, though it lacks the button-laden design some macro heavy users might want. If you prefer a slicker surface, this mouse is perfect. But if you like the more rubberized surface options, you may find this too slick. It isn’t difficult to grip, but there’s a certain feel some gamers prefer. And while it doesn’t have a braided cable cover, the cord seems sufficiently durable for normal use.

Usage/Customization: 4/5

m2Once you get the necessary software (only available through download as there is no provided disc), it’s easy to customize the settings on the mouse. It’s somewhat of an annoyance, however, first trying to seach the little provided instruction booklet for the site name, then trying to find the appropriate software. Perhaps I could have done an internet search and gotten better results. But once you DO have the software, there is a lot you can customize, from the LED lighting, various DPI settings, and even the polling rate (up to 1000Hz or once per millisecond). It’s hard to find this level of customization in a cheaper gaming mouse.

Value: 5/5

As I’ve mentioned a couple times, this mouse is a great deal for its price. It lacks any sort of typical packaging, instead arriving in a simple cardboard box. The cable doesn’t have a braided cover, making it slightly less durable. But the remainder of the design and manufacturing is solid, and considering the features of the unit it’s a great buy for all but the most demanding of gamers.

Final Score: 4.25/55 Star RatingOverall this is an excellent choice for a budget mouse.  While much of the choice will depend on person preference of feel, most gamers will find a lot to like in this model.  I particularly think that if you’re a fan of the Logitech gaming mice, you’re going to find a lot of similarity in function and with this model.

TOMOKO Mystic Programmable 7200DPI Gaming Mouse: $21.99 –