If you like the rainbow LED lighting, this mechanical keyboard makes an excellent gaming accessory. It offers the superior response and tactile feel of mechanical switches, as well as the important “anti-ghosting” (more on that later) feature. Its solid construction and durability should keep it in use for a long time as well. So, unless you need a number pad on your keyboard, this 87-key option offers gaming functions at a lesser price than larger versions.

– Solid, durable construction.
– Responsive mechanical keys.
– Fun LED backlight options.
– Less expensive than 104-key options.

– Noisy (as are ALL mechanical keyboards).
– No LED color options. Rainbow only.

There are a few manufacturers of products similar to this available online. I haven’t looked at other yet, but I’d find it difficult to believe there is much more they could offer that this unit doesn’t. It has very solid construction, and actually has some decent weight to it. It’s unlikely you’ll have any problems with this slipping around while in use. The optional-use rear legs have a nice rubber foot on them to help in that aspect as well. The cable seems solid and well-made, with no visible weak spots in the unit.

k2The keys are pretty typical of mechanical keys. There are a lot of people who might say one type of mechanical switch is better than the other (blue v red v black), but I have used different types and honestly can’t really pick out much of a difference in effect on gameplay between the different types. They all work in very much the same way, offering good response time and a responsive tactile feel that works well with gaming. One thing to keep in mind about these keys though, is that they are LOUD. This is true of all mechanical keyboards, yet there are still users who buy these, get angry, or return the product because the keys make too much noise. So if you’re looking for a quieter gaming keyboard, you probably shouldn’t consider mechanical keyboards.

The lighting on this keyboard offers a good brightness, which is also adjustable. In addition to the brightness, you can change the pattern of the lights. There are options like pulsing, wave, and snaking lighting. The one thing you can not change, however, is the colors themselves. This is a rainbow keyboard, and each row is pre-set with its own color that can not be adjusted. So, if you want a keyboard to stay one single color, this won’t do that for you. The LED lighting is well done though, so if you appreciate the multi-color approach, this is a good fit.

Final Score: 4.5/55 Star RatingOverall there is little to find fault with, and the only issues I could come up with are simple personal preference. The lighting and the sound from the keys may not work for everyone, but those don’t have any impact on the quality and functionality of the product. I’ll try to get a look at some of the other manufacturers of similar keyboards in the near future for some comparison, but I can’t see a reason not to choose EagleTec for your gaming keyboard.

EagleTec KG020 Gaming Keyboard: $49.99 – Amazon.com