This mouse offers some help for people with hand issues from its ergonomic design, but it’s not right for everyone. Despite the adjustable DPI, it’s probably not something gamers would want to consider. And if you have small hands, you might find it feels large and unwieldy. It’s functionally good, but the design leaves its potential limited.

– Ergonomic design good for people with hand problems.
– Good sensitivity (up to 3200DPI).
– Solid construction.

– Non-braided cable.
– Mouse buttons too stiff for gaming.
– No customization.
– Not the right feel for smaller hands.

m22The unit is designed and built well, and doesn’t feel either too heavy or cheap and light. The buttons are responsive, but not in the way you would want for gaming. They require too much pressure to push down to get the type of quick reactions you want in a game. The laser seems accurate and works extremely well, though if you want a setting outside the predetermined DPI settings you’re out of luck as this doesn’t come with any sort of customization options. There is no provided software, though it works fine right out of the box with plug and play capability.

The ergonomic feel is nice, and could really benefit those with arthritis or other hand problems. It would also potentially be a good fit for someone with large hands who finds most other mice to be small and awkward to hold. However, it wouldn’t probably be the best fit for someone with small hands. It might feel a bit too bulky and controlling it could be an issue. As an average-sized male I had no problem using it, though it was an unusual feel to get used to.

Final Score: 3.5/55 Star RatingOverall it’s a good product, but the design leaves the market for it targeted at a small group of users. Limitations keep it from being an adequate gaming option, and size limits the number of people who could comfortably use the product. I could still recommend this to those I mentioned earlier, but for most you’ll probably want to pass on this mouse.

1byone Ergonomic USB Wired Optical Mouse: $14.99 –