This is a really good entry level wireless gaming mouse, if not the best option. There are other wired options that offer more in terms of customization, but in examining wireless options you’d be hard pressed to find a better mouse in this price range. It doesn’t offer extras like additional macro buttons or accompanying software, but it works right out of the box and brings a good level of sensitivity for gaming.

– Good sensitivity (max 4800DPI)
– Comfortable design.
– Responsive buttons.
– Small profile wireless dongle.
– LED Lighting.

– Requires AA battery rather than USB charging.
– No customization software.

This mouse offers a lot, and what it does offer is done well. The wireless signal worked flawlessly on Windows 10 right out of the box with simple plug and play. I was able to cycle through the various DPI settings with no problem. The bottom of the mouse has a power switch for on/off and on with LED. So, you don’t have to use the included LED feature if you don’t like it. The LED remains red, though there is a color response near the DPI button when changing sensitivity levels. It should be noted that this mouse has both an up AND down button for DPI, rather than simply being forced to cycle through options.

m3The design is comfortable and the grip seems more than adequate. The sides of the mouse have a textured surface for additional grip, and the top has a very slightly rubberized texture so it isn’t overly slippery. The buttons had good sensitivity, not requiring too much pressure to trigger them. This is important in a gaming mouse, as quick reflexes are often very important to success. The additional buttons for forward and back on the mouse are there if you need them, but for most gaming purposes you probably won’t find much of a need for them.

The only potential downfalls for this mouse are the choice of power and the lack of provided software. You need a AA battery to power the mouse, rather than a rechargeable USB option. This is probably the cheaper design option, but could lead to some inconvenient moments for gamers who aren’t sure how much charge remains in their battery. They also don’t provide a disc or other software to customize the DPI settings or the LED light on the unit. So, it remains red only, and you are limited to the default DPI options.

Final Score: 4/55 Star RatingOverall it’s still a great entry unit, and if you don’t mind the minor down sides this is probably one of the best choices out there for a more budget wireless gaming mouse.

VicTsing 2.4G Wireless Gaming Mouse: $16.99 –