This GM-1 headset is a good entry-level gaming headset. The box might say “pro”, but there are a lot of things keeping it from living up to those standards. However, at a price point hovering around $20, you can’t expect the highest of quality. With a comfortable feel, good overall sound, and a microphone that doesn’t give lots of static and hiss this headset fills a useful spot in the budget gaming sector for not only PC, but tablets, PS4, and even Xbox (with adapters).

– Good sound.
– Comfortable ear cups and head band.
– Some natural passive noise cancelling.
– Attractive design and lighting.
– Decent microphone.

– USB only powers LED lighting.
– Microphone can offer some static when muted.
– Requires adapter to function on PC.

h5Construction/Durability: 4/5

The construction on this headset is light, but not overly cheap. It’s an almost entire plastic design, which means there is some limited durability. However, it certainly isn’t fragile, and didn’t seem prone to breaking with normal use. The ear cups have a soft faux leather cover, but were actually very comfortable and provided some passive noise cancelling. You’ll still hear what’s going on around you if it’s loud, but it muffles outside sounds quite well. This was actually a bit of a surprise coming from a budget headset. The headband pad was comfortable, and this should extend to accommodate larger heads easily.

Sound: 4/5

The sound quality was good, and relatively clear. When there are lots of sounds simultaneously things can get a little muddy, but in most cases I had no problems. You get some present but not overly distinct bass. So, you won’t get booming explosions, but they’re also not a dull thud like some low-end headsets. Music isn’t bad through these, as they offer a relatively well-rounded sound profile. The mids and highs are pretty clear without being tinny.

Microphone: 3.5/5

The microphone quality on this isn’t bad, but it’s not perfectly clear either. There wasn’t really any static present, and with the noise cancelling enabled in Windows you didn’t get much background noise at all. The only issue I noted with the microphone is that it seemed to create an odd feedback or static when muted in Skype. I’m uncertain as to why, but it’s definitely worth mentioning.

Final Score: 3.75/55 Star RatingOverall this is a good option for an entry-level gaming headset. Despite the box’s claims, it’s certainly not “pro”. But for a price around $20 you can’t really expect the top of the line in headsets. This is a great entry point for kids and teens, or someone looking for good workable quality but not yet willing to shell out 2-5 times the cost for higher end options.

Beexcellent GM-1 LED Gaming Headset: $20.99 –