The Xiberia T18 is a really good mid-high end gaming headset with a few issues gamers might want to be aware of. It offers simple and easy plug and play capability without the need to install software or drivers (although I would recommend downloading the additional software from the Xiberia website). The quality and design of the product is excellent, but there are some areas where it falls short of the competition, including other offerings from Xiberia themselves.

– Very clear sound.
– No static or background noise from Microphone.
– Sturdy design.
– Comfortable headband and ear cups.
– Retractable microphone.

– No ventilation means loud bass hurts your ears.
– Not the best in-line controls.
– Surround sound a bit lacking.

Design/Manufacturing: 4.25/5

The design and quality of this headset is outstanding. The materials and construction are on par with the top in gaming headsets. The outer headband is metal with an extending faux leather head strap for comfort. The ear cups are constructed from plastic with a thick and comfortable padding that should accommodate even those with larger ears. The microphone is retractable, in case you don’t like the distraction or simply want to use the unit as headphones. And the in-line controls offer the ability to easy mute, turn off your LEDs, or adjust volume without needing to search around the ear cups.

Sound Quality: 4/5

h2bThe sound quality on this headset is very good, rivaling other major brands in clarity. The mids and highs are distinct and clear, and the bass is present and can be booming. With that, I’d warn anyone from listening to music with heavy bass too loudly due to the construction of the ear cups. There is no ventilation on the sides, so pressure from heavy bass can cause your ears to hurt if it’s too loud. Overall though, that is probably my only critique of the sound quality. While the unit does boast a bit of virtual surround (enhanced by the optional software), it’s mild in comparison to its T19 sibling. But it does offer excellent stereo sound regardless.

Microphone: 4.75/5

The microphone on the unit is sensitive enough to pick up normal speech, and even with some enthusiastic shouting the sound doesn’t become muddled. When testing the microphone, there was no detectable background noise, static, or hiss. This can further be enhanced using your PC’s drivers to eliminate even more background noise should you decide to. But even with someone standing a couple feet away talking, the microphone does a good job at muffling that and not making it overly distinct. It shouldn’t feel like you’re on a conference call with everyone in the room when you’re gaming with your friends online.

Final Score: 4/55 Star RatingOverall I’d say this is a good option for someone looking at a mid-high end gaming headset that doesn’t want to shell out additional money for the highest $200-range offerings. This headset offers a lot, though it does have a few shortcomings. If you’re looking at Xiberia, you might want to add the next step up, the T19, to your list of options.

Xiberia T18 Gaming Headset: $69.99 –