The T19 gaming headset from Xiberia gets almost everything right! It’s well-constructed and designed, and has a lot of features gamers are looking for. Xiberia offers competition for major brands, and its easy to see why this is a preferred partner for gaming in China. There is a good amount of customization (though I’ll talk about the lack of physical customization later), and quality you’d be hard pressed to beat at its price level.

– Excellent sound.
– Detachable microphone with no static or background noise.
– Passive noise cancelling.
– Very good virtual surround sound.
– Bass vibration feature adds lots of immersion/fun.
– Very comfortable.

– Could be a bit heavy for some due to metal frame.
– Lack of customization for LED settings.

Design/Manufacturing: 4.5/5

h2The design and quality of construction on this headset is excellent. The metal frame extends the entire length of the headband, rather than having some plastic end pieces. This makes for a very sturdy, though perhaps for some heavier, headset. The ear cups are large enough to accommodate larger ears and the band should fit even the largest of heads. There are few people who may likely find this headset uncomfortable or a bad fit for them. The faux leather band extends for different head sizes and sits very comfortably, and the soft foam on the ear cups should be comfortable enough for long gaming sessions. The only downside to the design might be that you can’t customize the LED’s in any way. They’re either on or off, and they are always red and slowly pulse.

Sound: 5/5

The sound quality on this headset is outstanding. Between the clarity and fullness of sound, it could easily rival the top offerings in the virtual surround headset category. You’d be hard pressed to find any fault with the audio coming from the 50mm drivers in the unit. A distinctly different quality of this headset from most is the bass vibration feature it offers, which can be turned on and off via a button on the in-line controls. When listening to music with deep bass, or playing games with rumbles and explosions, the headset enhances that by adding a vibration along with the already deep bass it offers. I found this to be a real benefit to the immersion of both my music and games. The mid and high ranges are extremely clear and the virtual surround works as well as any of the best in its class.

Microphone: 4.75/5

The microphone in the unit is not retractable, but completely removable. This means when not using it for gaming, you can remove the visual distraction of the microphone and use the headset for music. As the unit functions through a USB interface, you’d be hard pressed to use it with your phone or other devices, but it’s an excellent choice for computer listening. The downloadable software from the company’s website also allows for some automatic voice changer options, in case you wanted to mess around with your friends or for whatever other reason disguise your voice without needing 3rd party programs.

Final Score: 4.75/55 Star RatingOverall this unit is one of the top in its class. It would be difficult to find another virtual surround headset that offers the same features and quality as the T19. The clarity of both sound and microphone and outstanding, and the additional bass vibration feature adds a level of immersion not found in many other headsets. And considering the lower cost in comparison to other similar headsets, this unit stand out even further.

Xiberia T19 Gaming Headset: $79.99 –