The Badasheng gaming headset gets some things right, while falling short in other areas. This entry level headset sits in a somewhat full market of similar products where it can be hard to stand out. It does that a bit, but falters in terms of design. Still, it’s worth consideration for gamers looking at inexpensive entry level options.

– Quality, clear sound.
– Detachable, flexible microphone.
– Multi-use for phones, tablets, PS4, and PC.

– Shallow ear cups.
– Microphone static without noise reduction in driver settings.
– Short cable.

Design/Manufacturing: 3/5

h7The point where the Badasheng headset falls short is definitely in its design and construction. While you can’t expect perfection from a budget headset, there are some glaring issues that will be a problem for some gamers. The ear cups are rather shallow, meaning anyone whose ears stick out a bit more than normal will have them rubbing against the hard inner surface of the speaker. And while the ear cups have a soft cushion material, the covering fabric isn’t the most comfortable for extended use. The main cable line itself is very simple, and lacks any sort of braided cover. It’s also a bit on the short side at a little over 3 feet long. So if you’re needing to plug it in the back of your PC, or want to sit away from the PS4, it’s not going to work well.

Microphone: 3.5/5

The microphone on the headset is both good and bad. Out of the box, and without using the possibly available driver settings in Windows, the microphone delivers too much static/hiss and background noise. It’s unpleasant, and if you use this on your tablet or phone for Skype, people aren’t going to like it. Likewise, chatting over the PS4 would provide the same poor microphone quality. But on the positive side, it’s detachable and very flexible so you’re able to position it almost wherever you want. And if you DO have the ability to provide noise suppression through your Windows drivers, the microphone works without any problems.

Sound: 4/5

The one high point, and the real saving point for this headset, is its sound quality. I was pleasantly surprised here by the clarity and fullness of the sound. I tend to be a bit of an audio snob, and I didn’t find the quality poor at all. There was a decently present bass without being so heavy it hurt my ears, while the high and mid ranges came through quite clearly. This works well not only for music but for gaming as well. If you’re playing a game with subtle sounds, you should be able to pick them out well with this headset.

Final Score: 3.5/55 Star RatingSo, if you’re willing to overlook the design shortcomings and just want some quality sound, this headset is definitely worth a look as an inexpensive entry level headset. While it lacks flash, and has a few comfort issues that wouldn’t fit with some gamers, it truly delivers on sound at a level not present in much of the competition at this price range.

Badasheng PS4 & PC Gaming Headset: $20.80 –