This little speaker watch offers a lot of functionality in a little package with a small price tag. It has a few quirks and doesn’t deliver Bose-quality sound, but it’s hard to expect more than this offers considering the low cost. If you’re an outdoorsy person or someone who does a lot of running, biking, or hiking, you might want to look at this as a good multi-function options.

– FM Radio
– Pretty clear sound.
– Call functionality.
– Not too heavy.

– Silly voice responses with a bad accent.
– Radio function requires scanning.
– May be a bit bulky for small wrists.

w2When you first turn this watch on, there’s a very laughable moment as the obviously Asian male announces the power state with “Bluetooth-a mod-a has been open”. The watch itself isn’t that heavy, considering it has a speaker in it. And unless you have very small wrists, it shouldn’t feel overly bulky. You could still run with it, and there should be no problem hiking or biking. The rubber strap is pretty comfortable and soft, and decently flexible. The instructions are pretty easy to understand, and the controls are pretty straight forward.

The speaker itself is what I’d call okay/acceptable. It does’t have a lot of hiss, and while it’s going to be a bit tinny because of it’s size, the sound it rather clear. There isn’t much present bass (120Hz low range means almost no bass), so pop music isn’t going to be a lot of fun with this. But if you don’t want to have headphones or earbuds in while you’re outside, this makes a good alternative choice. You can play music through Bluetooth from your mobile device, use the radio receiver for FM channels, or even play MP3s by inserting a memory card in the side of the watch (there’s no card included with the package).

The radio receiver works well, and it was able to pick up a good number of channels. I think it gets as much reception as I do in my car, so that’s pretty good. The only down side to the radio function is the fact that it seems to need to scan all the available radio stations, then assign them a channel in memory. You can then use the side buttons to cycle up or down through the received channels. I didn’t see a way to remove channels from that list (though maybe I didn’t look hard enough). So if you live in a big city like we do, you might have to cycle through a few dozen channels.

Final Score: 4/55 Star RatingOverall I’d say this is definitely a viable option if you don’t want to use your phone for everything. Particularly given the rather low price, it offers a lot of utility for outdoor use. As long as you’re okay with the lack of bass from the speaker, it’s certainly worth the cost. You might even eventually get used to the silly bad accent of the watch’s voice. If they changed that, added better low frequency range to the speaker, and added the ability to just scan up or down on the radio, this would be flawless.

WaterLuu Multifunctional Bluetooth Speaker Watch: $25.99 –