It can be hard to find a gaming mouse with 7000DPI sensitivity at this price point. This mouse offers a solid construction, along with high sensitivity settings and customization, making it a perfect choice for entry-level gaming. While it may not offer the absolute highest in sensitivity or enough buttons to satisfy macro-heavy gamers, this mouse should fit most styles quite well.

– High sensitivity (7000DPI and 1000Hz polling).
– Comfortable design.
– Sturdy braided cable.

– Not THE highest sensitivity possible.
– Not fit for macro-heavy game play.
– Buttons not as sensitive as high end gaming mice.

This gaming mouse does a lot right, and while it can’t compete with the top of the line, it really doesn’t trip up at all. There is very little separating it from the top of the line in gaming mice. The weight and style are comfortable and just right for making it heavy enough to feel reactive without making it feel like you’re dragging it around the mouse pad. So while it doesn’t offer custom weighting, I think they’ve chosen a good point. The sides have inset areas that offer additional grip, and the top of the mouse has an ever so slightly textured surface. It isn’t simple flat plastic like a standard mouse. Between the shape and those features, I had no problem maintaining a good grip on the mouse.

m2The provided software allows you to fully customize your LED and DPI settings (switched using the 2 center DPI buttons on the mouse). You can select just the right settings for your games, up to the maximum of 7000DPI. I prefer the gaming mice that offer 2 buttons for selecting DPI, so you can just move up or down one setting, rather than needing to cycle through all of them to get what you want. So, I was glad to see that TeckNet went with this design here. Overall the mouse felt very responsive, and I was able to get the DPI exactly where I prefer (which isn’t all the way up to 7000, but it’s nice having that option should I want to increase later).

The braided cable is always nice to see on a gaming mouse. This does help to both protect the cable, and help prevent things like tangling and kinking which can damage the cable as well. The switches and buttons on the mouse were responsive, though not the high quality, almost hair trigger buttons you might find on the more expensive gaming mice like the Logitech G600 series. But at such a low price point it’s hard to really fault them for such minor differences. The buttons didn’t feel stiff, but offered a reasonable feedback when pressed. The center buttons scrolls smoothly and flawlessly, and I had no problems at all using the mouse.

Final Score: 4/55 Star RatingOverall this mouse makes an excellent entry point for gamers who demand high DPI sensitivity, but don’t want to spend 4 times as much or more on a their gaming mouse. The customization and quality of this mouse should satisfy all but the most demanding gamers.

TeckNet 7000DPI Gaming Mouse: $15.99 –