The XinMeng XM-326 gaming mouse offers a lot of style, but only moderate sensitivity. Compared to some other gaming mice in its class, the maximum of 4000DPI doesn’t meet the standards of gamers who demand higher sensitivity. While some other inexpensive gaming mice offer 7200DPI while still keeping a 1000Hz polling rate, the XM-326 caps out a bit on the lower side. It’s still a very respectable option, and it does a good job while looking good at the same time.

– Attractive design and lighting.
– Good sensitivity.
– Sturdy braided USB cable.

– Only moderate sensitivity at 4000DPI max.
– Instructions only in Chinese.
– Single DPI switch.

m2The XM-326 has a solid design with high quality construction. The customizable LED lighting also adds a good deal of style to the unit. The grip on the sizes is solid with some inset areas and thumb/finger rests. The mouse buttons are very responsive, though like most of the others in its class, they aren’t up to par with the top of the line in gaming mice. They lack the almost hair trigger response present in the likes of the Logitech and Razer gaming mice. But this is certainly excusable as it comes in priced at nearly 1/4 those top models. The center scroll button also moves smoothly with no hitches or drag at all. I typically prefer DPI switches with an up AND down option, but this mouse only has one button. So, you need to cycle through your settings to get what you’re looking for.

The accompanying software works well to customize both the lighting and the DPI settings for the mouse. On the down side, the entire instruction manual is written in Chinese ONLY. There are accompanying pictures, but these aren’t really useful. Luckily, you probably won’t need the instructions. Not only is the mouse plug and play so you don’t really NEED the software unless you want to customize the lighting or DPI, even if you do choose to do so, it’s pretty straight forward and you wouldn’t really need instructions in the first place. It’s just worth mentioning, so if you’re not very computer-inclined and always need instruction manuals, you’re not going to like what you see.

Final Score: 3.75/5

5 Star RatingOverall the XM-326 stays competitive with most offerings in its price range, but there are some that have superior sensitivity. If you aren’t a gamer who demands the absolute highest in mouse DPI settings, and you like the overall style of this unit, it makes an excellent option. 4000DPI is still a reasonably sensitive gaming mouse.

XinMeng XM-326 Gaming Mouse: $20.99 –