There aren’t many headsets in this price range that offer the quality and features you get from this unit. With both quality construction, a comfortable and functional design, and a good list of features this headset has a lot to offer. It’s not perfect, however, suffering from typical mediocre quality microphone and the 3-prong connector approach.

– Clear, full sound.
– Immersive bass vibration feature is amazing.
– Simple, comfortable design.
– Tangle/kink resistant cable.

– Mediocre microphone requires Windows settings adjustments for good quality.
– USB connector only serves to power device, while audio/microphone are standard jacks.

Design/Manufacturing: 4.5/5

h2The construction and design of this unit are excellent, particularly for this price range. The headband extends to fit even the largest of heads, while the strap offers a comfortable fit. The ear cups are a soft faux leather that covers even larger ears well. They also seemed deep enough to not cause rubbing against the inner part of the speaker cup. The LED light is pleasant and not overly bright. It cannot be customized or turned off, aside from removing the power via unplugging the USB cable. The thick cable makes it extremely tangle and kink resistant. It’s a bit unusually having such a shiny design to the cable, but it certainly isn’t problematic. The connection utilizes 2 3.5mm jacks (headphone and microphone), and the USB connection only serves to power the LED and vibration features.

Microphone: 3.75/5

The microphone on this unit is what I’d call typical of the lower-mid range headsets. While not innately bad, it does suffer from typical background static. This is easily correctable in most Windows machines by going into your recording devices settings and enabling the noise suppression feature. Once I did that, the microphone recorded my voice clearly, with no distortion or static at all. So if you’re planning on buying this unit, make sure you’re aware of that before using the microphone, or people on the other end won’t be happy with you.

Sound: 4.75/5

The shining spot in this headset has to be its sound. In both quality and features it stands out against many of the simple more run-of-the-mill options. Not only is the sound clear, but it also has a broad fullness that is only enhanced by the bass vibration feature. I tested with with both music and gaming applications, and it performed amazingly! If you’ve ever seen or tried the Skullcandy Crusher headphones, you’ll be familiar with this technology. Whenever there is bass present, the headset will vibrate with strength according to the volume and depth of the bass. So, listening to music tracks with deep bass gives you a fun experience, and playing games with gunfire and explosions brings immersion to a completely new level. I wish more manufacturers would take advantage of this technology.

Final Score: 4.25/55 Star RatingOverall, I’m very impressed by this low-cost headset that rivals competition costing twice as much or more. We they to make some small adjustments like full USB support and in-line controls, this unit would be almost perfect. I would also love to see a wireless version of this headset with a rechargeable vibration unit. But for now, this serves as an excellent starting point for gamers who want booming explosions and deep enhanced bass in their headset.

Yoro F35 Headset from Costech: $25.89 –