While this keyboard is simple, straightforward, and offers a few LED lighting options, it struggles to stand up to the competition even at this level. This is clearly an entry level keyboard, and at just under $25 it’s extremely affordable for gamers on a budget. It offers 3 different LED lighting options, and claims to offer a “mechanical feel” to the buttons. It does have some anti-ghosting functionality, which is essential to some types of gamers. But the overall quality and construction of the product leaves you wanting.

k2First, let’s talk about the keys. They claim to have a “mechanical feel”, which is probably one of the top selling points of the keyboard. But if you have ever used a mechanical keyboard, you’ll immediately realize they are absolutely nothing like mechanical keys. They do take a little more effort to push down than a standard keyboard, making you realize you’re pressing the key more. However, they offer NONE of the tactile feedback or response of a mechanical keyboard. This has linear keys that don’t really provide much feel in comparison to actual mechanical keys. I know you can’t expect that for the price, but I feel like the “mechanical feel” claim is an amazing stretch that I just feel falls amazingly short. These keys will also not have the same sensitivity/actuation point as a mechanical keyboard, so they’re not as sensitive at all.

Let’s also clear up the “multimedia keys” issue, as this keyboard does NOT have that. What it DOES have is multimedia functions that you can access through your F-Keys. That means you can turn volume up, play/pause, etc. by holding the function button down while pressing F1, etc. There are NOT separate keys for multimedia function, which is what that term means. So, that’s a mistake some reviewers have made when talking about this keyboard.

This keyboard certainly isn’t a “bad” keyboard though. Ultimately your choice to use this keyboard would come down to personal taste and preference. It works just fine, and while I felt like the actuation/sensitivity of the keys was not enough for my gaming habits, you might like the “almost mechanical-y sort of” feel and sensitivity level. The LED backlight is pretty well done, and while it only offers 3 colors (most offer 7), if you like one of those 3 colors you may be satisfied by that. The keyboard is very light (whether you feel that’s good or bad) coming in at around only 1.5 pounds. It does have rubber anti-skid pads on the front to help keep it in place.

Final Score: 3/5

5 Star RatingOverall this is a decent keyboard that offers some of what gamers want at a very reasonable entry price. And while it makes what I would consider some “iffy” descriptors and may not offer as many features as some similar keyboards in its price range, its style and feel may appeal to certain gamers. It’s lightweight and compact, taking up very little room for those short on space. If you like the style, lighting, and available function offered by this unit, it’s still worth a look.

EnTeck LED Backlit Gaming Keyboard: $23.99 – Amazon.com