This hidden camera is functionally acceptable, but they blatantly lie about the 1080p resolution. Even when setting the camera to “1080p” mode, the maximum resolution for both images and recordings is 720p. And while that’s still HD, the company clearly states that this product works at a higher resolution that it really does. So it’s not only over-priced given that fact, it’s actually blatantly deceptive. I don’t know where the mistake came in, or how aware of this the company is, but it’s important to me that consumers know exactly what they’re getting. I find it unfortunate that other reviewers didn’t go to the same lengths to completely test the product.

The camera comes in a simple black box, the contents of which are the necessary cables, an installation disc for use on PC, and 8Gb micro-SD card and SD adapter, as well as the camera itself. The camera can also be operated via downloadable free apps for iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. It’s fairly simple to set up, and the directions provided did an adequate job of walking you through the process.

2016-08-23 17-29-19
A not-so-1080p image (actually 720p)

The unit itself has a VERY small power bank, at only 2000mAh. This may not even give a full charge to a cell phone. When using the camera, you can keep it running for a limited amount of time on the provided battery, but in order to use it for extended periods of time (longer than an hour), you’ll need to keep it connected to a power source via the provided USB charging cable. This means you can’t keep it sitting out on its own somewhere for that long. But even when plugged in, it still makes for an inconspicuous recording device.

The camera has LEDs for additional light which you can turn on with a button on the front of the unit. However, these don’t provide that much like and make the camera extremely noticeable. It does NOT have night vision (IR) capability, so being able to have this as a 24-hour surveillance camera is essentially not possible without drawing immediate attention to it and still having poor lighting quality. There are two LEDs on the back of the unit that indicate when it is on/connected. You do have the option to turn these LEDs off in the software/app, so it does have a completely lightless running option.

Final Score: DO NOT BUY!

The biggest downfall of this product is the lie they give about the resolution. I tested the image capturing AND video capturing while having the camera on the maximum (1080p) setting. In both the image and video tests, the output was the same: 720p. The image resolution caps out at 1280×720, and NOT the stated 1920×1080. So you’re paying for something they simply aren’t delivering. And while the product is functionally adequate, I can’t get past this blatant misleading of customers. Had this product been labeled and priced according to that 720p standard, I would have likely rated it closer to a 3 or 4 out of 5. But I find this completely unacceptable.