The new FB600 headphones deliver very well on sound, though the design may not be optimal for some. It’s likely most will be willing to overlook some of these odd design choices to appreciate the level of sound quality not often present in this price range. The headset is simple, lightweight, and easy to use. It even offers the ability to simply plug in an AUX cable from the headset to your phone or other device should you prefer.

The design and manufacturing of the unit seems lightweight but sturdy. It didn’t really feel flimsy, though these are not a pair of headphones one could abuse and expect to hold up. The headband is narrow and thin. This means you barely feel the headset when you’re wearing it, but it also means that excessive pulling, twisting, etc. is likely to break it. A typical responsible adult should have no problem properly using these, but considering the design I probably wouldn’t recommend them for children. The ear cup cushions are soft and comfortable, made from a typical faux leather covering.

h2The FB600 does have some odd design choices, however. Some users may find these headphones a bit awkward to wear, depending on how they sit on your head. The real weak point is actually the swivel design of the ear cups. They swivel outward, which can cause the bottom of the cup to sit away from the ear a bit. This means you’re not getting as full of sound and you will hear some additional environmental noise. As someone with slightly larger than normal ears, I had to move these around a bit in order to get them to sit properly. Eventually I found that moving them back (toward the rear of my head) on my ears a bit solved most of the fit issue.

In addition to the potential fit struggle the swiveling ear cups provide, they also made the decision to “hide” the USB charging port on the top of the ear cup, beneath the frame. This may make a slightly better aesthetic choice, but it can cause some usability problems. If you don’t re-seat the rubber port cover correctly (which I made the mistake of doing), the ear cup will not be able to sit straight and the headphones will sit awkwardly on your ears. Granted, this was my mistake in not putting the cover completely back securely, but leaving that mistake up to the user just seems like a misstep. I would have rather had a small rubber cover on the back or bottom of the ear cup rather than this hidden design with possible annoyance.

The high point of this unit, and likely most important aspect of any headset, is the sound quality it provides. The connection remained stable with no cut out of signal. There was also no audible hiss or static while the unit was powered on. Cheaper headphones tend to suffer from that problem. The sound quality itself was very good and clear. Mids and highs like vocal, instruments, and guitar come through with excellent clarity. Even low frequencies like bass are present and full. The only way I was able to create any sort of muddiness was when combining high amounts of bass with higher volumes. But it’s difficult for all but the highest end of speakers to keep clarity in situations like that. So these headphones certainly deliver on sound quality, and in a superior fashion to much of the competition in their price range.

Final Score: 4/5

5 Star RatingOverall this headset offers excellent sound in the under $40 price range, a feat difficult to achieve. The only difficulties it encounters is with the design and fit, but with a little patience and testing most listeners should be able to find a comfortable placement to enjoy their music. So while this headset lacks premium features like noise cancelling, it offers quite a bit for a relatively low price tag.

BINGLE FB600 On-ear Bluetooth Headset: $38.99 –