This speaker has excellent clarity and 360 degree sound, and while it doesn’t quite match up to the sound quality of Bose, it comes in at less than half the cost. The design is solid and sturdy, while still being portable and light enough to not be inconvenient to carry. Bluetooth v4 connectivity also brings a decent range of use so you don’t need to leave your phone or other device sitting next to the speaker. But this speaker won’t be everything to everyone.

The overall design of the unit has a sort of retro feel to it. That’s become a popular thing in recent trends, and this unit delivers on that style well. It looks like something straight out of the 1960’s. It’s quality of manufacturing, however, is distinctly modern. The solid metal shell provides a lot of durability, though I happily didn’t find it to be overly heavy or inconvenient to carry. The provided leather strap works well for carrying it around. The speaker itself is a larger design so this isn’t something you’ll fit in your pocket. But it should easily go inside something like a backpack, messenger bag, or larger purse with no problem.

s3The connectivity of the unit worked flawlessly when we tested it. I’ve seen a few complaints about signal cutting in and out, but this can happen with any device and isn’t always the fault of the speaker itself. I’d recommend people try restarting their phones, or even reestablishing the Bluetooth connection before deciding the device is faulty. Or try connecting to another speaker and see if it may in fact be the signal from your phone that’s to blame. From what we experienced, the sound and signal stayed stable and didn’t cut out once. The range is typical of Bluetooth v4 connections, offering about 30ft in open space. This lessens a bit when indoors, but we had no problem maintaining signal through a wall or floor within 15-20 ft. That means you should be able to move it around much of your house with a good deal of freedom.

The high point of this unit is its sound, particularly the 360 degree feature it offers. The two speakers in the unit are facing out opposing sides of the unit. So, as you walk around the speaker, the sound remains virtually constant, even when on the thinner sides where the speakers don’t project. This is one feature many similar portable speakers don’t offer, and I think it’s definitely a great addition. You can set this speaker in the center of a space, whether outdoors or inside, and everyone around can enjoy the music equally. No need to struggle finding the right placement for the speaker.

The sound quality itself is what I’d categorize as very good, but not excellent. The sound comes through very clear, and doesn’t have any muddy or tinny qualities found in cheaper portable speakers. The mids and highs particularly shine, making ambient, vocal, classical music, etc. very enjoyable to listen to. The one area this unit comes up short on is in the low frequency range. It’s difficult to adequately produce enough bass in a smaller unit like this to make genres like pop music feel as they should. While low frequency/bass is present, it comes through as more of a thump than a truly booming/rounded sound. This aspect could leave pop music lovers wanting more depth.

Final Score: 4.25/55 Star RatingOverall this speaker offers a sound quality that doesn’t quite meet the high standards set by units from Bose, but it does offer some of the highest quality in portable speakers outside the very top tier. So for those who don’t want so spend $100-200 on a portable speaker, this makes an excellent option. So long as you don’t expect booming bass, you’re likely to be happy with the sound and the 360 degree range provided by this unit.

PINSHOW Portable Bluetooth Speaker: $43.99 –