While this gaming mouse can’t rival the likes of Logitech, Razer, and Corsair, it does an amazing amount considering the very low cost of the unit. I can’t think of a better mouse in this price range. In fact, I can’t think of any other gaming mice in this price range. For under $10, it’s unlikely you could find any product to match what this mouse has to offer. So while it’s not going to satisfy pro gamers, it’s probably the perfect starting point for any budget gaming setup.

m3The construction on this mouse is very lightweight, but durable. It doesn’t seem to suffer from any downfalls of a low price, aside from the light weight. And while some gamers prefer the feel of additional weight, there are others who wouldn’t mind this featherweight challenger. The buttons are also surprisingly reactive, and don’t require excessive force to manipulate. The mouse buttons themselves press with relative ease, though obviously not having the sort of “hair trigger” the higher end units will have. The scroll button is also easy to depress and scroll, with absolutely no hitching or snags. The DPI switch is the cheaper single-button variety, allowing you to press it to cycle through the 4 preset DPI options. There are also forward and back buttons on the left side.

There is no customization available with this mouse, as it doesn’t come with any software. However, it’s completely plug-and play, so you should be able to plug this into any Windows PC and have it immediately up and running. I didn’t test it on Mac, but most games aren’t designed for Mac anyway. The LEDs are not customizable either, rather they cycle colors with a slow breathing pattern. I didn’t have any problem with this, particularly considering the price range of the mouse. It’s actually amazing that it has LED lighting at all.

Final Score: 4/55 Star RatingOverall, this mouse is enough to satisfy most younger gamers and those looking for gaming hardware on a budget. While the 2400DPI is toward the bottom of the spectrum of gaming mouse sensitivity levels, it’s going to be perfectly acceptable for most gamers. And as I mentioned previously, there simply isn’t any competition for this gaming mouse in its price range. If you want a gaming mouse for under $10, this is simply the only option worth considering.

1byone 2400DPI Optical Gaming Mouse: $8.99 – Amazon.com