While this isn’t the perfect headset, its high compatibility and good overall quality make it a solid entry-level option. The fact that you can use this on not only PC, but also consoles, tablets, smart phones, etc. adds a lot of value to gamers with multiple devices. You can easily transition from playing on the PS4 to the PC by simply unplugging the headset from one device, and plugging it into the other. With no necessary drivers to install, it’s simple to use and doesn’t leave room for compatibility errors.

– Multi-platform compatibility.
– Solid, durable design.
– Above average sound quality.

– Mediocre microphone quality.
– LED lighting requires use of USB.

Design/Construction: 4/5

The design and construction of this headset is surprisingly durable. At first glance, this lightweight headset may appear cheap and fragile. But a quick test of the headband (I literally twisted it) lifted my doubts of its quality. The ear cup pads are a soft faux leather, both comfortable and sturdy. They were also deep enough to accommodate my ears, which I might consider slightly above average in size. Some of the more shallow ear cup designs tend to rub against the outside of my ear and become very uncomfortable over time. Luckily this doesn’t suffer from that problem, and the ear cups sat comfortably and created a reasonable seal to block out environmental noise.

h2I’m not much of a fan of the newest design trend in entry-level gaming headsets when it comes to the output. Most utilize a standard audio and microphone jack in conjunction with a USB plug that serves no purpose other than to power the LEDs. And while this will work for most gamers, it isn’t the most convenient for everyone. If your sound ports aren’t close to a USB port, you may find you can’t use the lighting feature on the headset. This might be the case for people who have an external speaker system with jacks in the front. Or consoles whose headphone jack isn’t adjacent to a USB port. And for mobile devices, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to power the LEDs.

Sound Quality: 4.25/5

The sound quality on this headset was certainly above average. For under $25, it can be very difficult to find quality sound. And while this obviously doesn’t deliver the kind of fullness and clarity you get in the highest tier of headsets, the overall experience was definitely solid. You get very present low tones, perfect for listening to pop music or playing games with gunfire and explosions. The mids and high range also remained clear on all but the highest of volumes. And as I don’t recommend cranking the volume up as high as possible in the first place, I don’t really consider that a major downfall. The stereo sound does a great job a providing positional awareness clearly, so you can easily distinguish a sound between left and right sides.

Microphone: 3.5/5

The lowest point of the unit is its microphone. I’ve found this to be the case in nearly every entry-level headset I’ve tested. While it works adequately, the default state of the microphone provides a low level of static in the background. This is easily fixed in Windows by enabling noise suppression/cancellation in your recording device options. But on a console, your experience may differ. If the console isn’t able to suppress the static, people on the other end of your call or game might be annoyed by the background noise. It certainly isn’t overly present, but it’s there, and worth mentioning.

Final Score: 4/55 Star RatingOverall I could definitely recommend this headset for anyone who games on multiple devices. Since you can use this on nearly any gaming device, it removes the need for purchasing multiple headsets. And even for those with only one gaming option, it still makes a good choice with its solid sound quality and durable design. For the under $25 price point, there are few other compelling headset options.

Kotion Each G9000 Gaming Headset: $20.99 – Amazon.com