It’s not often you find innovation in the saturated earbud market, but the Oryon Plus definitely offers something different! At first glance they may look like typical earbuds, but when you look closely, learn more about them, and USE them, you quickly realize they are anything but typical. The sound quality is far above the typical offerings, and the engineering behind them is both unusual and effective.

– Excellent sound quality.
– Mechanical equalizing/acoustics.
– Comfortable and lightweight.

– Not suited well for running without additional support.

The overall design of these earbuds is quite lightweight, not differing much for others. The provided earpiece caps (with the standard 3 size options), are comfortable. I particularly like the flat cable design, as it helps keep them from tangling. Studies have also shown that this type of flat cable design is better for preventing kinks or breakage in the inner wiring. But the most interesting and significant aspect of these earbuds is the design of the removable rear bits. It’s this engineering that makes these stand out from the rest of the crowd.

At the rear of each earbud is a bit/cap that can quickly and easily unscrew from the base. The unit comes with 3 interchangeable pairs of bits for users to choose from. They are color coded, and each creates a different effect when used. The black creates an overall boost to bass, perfect for pop music. The titanium highlights the mid ranges while still keeping some low range, making it a great choice for rock and jazz. The silver bits focus more on the high and mid ranges, leaving lower amounts of bass and making themselves and excellent choice for classical and meditative music. What these caps essentially do is provide an equalizer in physical form.

h2I know this sounds like nonsense, but if you examine the chambers of each bit closely, you’ll see that each is distinctly different. The shapes of these chambers are what allow them to direct/re-direct various wavelengths of sound to create the desired effect. The conic shape of the silver chamber, for example, will refocus the higher frequency waves while dampening a bit of the low. This creates a focus on high and mid ranges. So what might at first sound like a gimmick quickly becomes reality once you test each piece of different types of music.

The only down side to this design is the need to physically change the end caps should you want to change music genres and switch out your “equalizer”. Now, it’s hardly much of a down side since it only takes about 15 seconds to change the two pieces out. But it’s worth mentioning for those who just don’t want to take the effort to do so. I personally think it’s no problem, and a small inconvenience for having a superior sound experience. They also don’t have any sort of hook or other support to help keep them in place for running and sports. So, if your earbuds tend to fall out when doing various athletics, these may not work as well for you.

Final Score: 4.75/5

5 Star RatingOverall it’s hard to find fault in the sound quality and customization the Oryon Plus offers. They may not be optimal for running and sports, but they’re almost perfect for any other use. ¬†And at the meager price of $20, they make an extremely compelling choice for a pair of every day use earbuds. The sound quality stands out in the crowd, and lets you really focus the sound of your music in a way most others don’t offer.

Sentey LS-4215 Oryon Plus Earbuds: $19.99 –