This condenser microphone is an excellent mid-range option that provides high quality sound at a relatively low price. While there are many cheaper options, most don’t provide the range and quality of the BM-800. This kit also provides a shock mount, foam cap, and cable. So, not only do you get an excellent microphone, but it gives you a head start to having a complete setup.

– Attractive design
– High quality for its cost.
– Added components for setup.

– No built-in controls.

The build on this microphone is solid and stylish with a rounded speaking end. Unlike a lot of condenser microphones that have a tapered end, this offers a different look. However, if you plan to use the provided foam cap (which I recommend you do), it won’t make as much of a difference. The only thing on the design that’s missing might be the presence of built-in volume/gain controls. But at this price point, you simple can’t expect that. And it’s hard to justify spending 5 times as much or more to have that feature available.

m3This microphone does require you to use a phantom power source (to provide the needed power to the microphone) in order to deliver sound to your PC. So, keep that in mind when considering what you’ll need. It also doesn’t come with a stand or boom arm. However, those are the only two things you need to have a complete setup. Neither of those things is overly expensive either, so it’s still not going to be an overly large investment.

In terms of sound quality, this microphone delivers quite well. In contrast to other condenser microphones in its price range, this picks up a clearer and rounder range of sound. It’s not going to make you sound tinny or high pitched. Even without using any sort of broadcast equipment, filters, etc. I was able to get good sound quality out of this microphone by default. Just by setting the appropriate sensitivity and gain in Windows, along with enabling the noise cancellation option in my drivers I got a sound I was very happy with.

Final Score: 4.25/55 Star RatingIf you want high quality and some additional components for a complete broadcasting/recording setup, the Floureon BM-800 is worth serious consideration. While it may not be the top quality in terms of microphones, it comes fairly close without the high price tag (sometimes $200 or more) of the top of the line options. So if you are willing to invest a bit more in a phantom power source and arm or stand, you’ll have a complete setup to start recording.

Floureon BM-800 Condenser Microphone: $29.99 –