The G50 gaming mouse offers solid mechanical function along with a surprisingly affordable titanium alloy construction. And while the level of sensitivity isn’t on par with the top of the line in gaming mice, it’s likely most gamers wouldn’t want more than the 4000DPI offered by this mouse. Aside from the mid-range DPI cap, it’s hard to point out any kind of flaw in the superior design and construction of this unit.

– Solid titanium alloy construction.
– Movable palm rest.
– Customizable DPI and buttons (via provided software).
– Quick but tactile button design.

– Only 4000 DPI

The construction of this mouse is rather unique. While most gaming mice are made entirely with a plastic frame, this design has chosen to use a metal alloy. The end result is a solid and durable mouse with just the right amount of weight to give a reactive feel to your movements without feeling heavy. You certainly don’t feel like you’re dragging the mouse across your pad while using it.

The buttons have an excellent sensitivity to them, while not quite being the “hair trigger” of the likes of Logitech’s G-series gaming mice. The mouse wheel in particular (also titanium), gives a tactile feedback along with very smooth scrolling without a hitch. The mouse also features a braided cable for additional durability and protection, making it more resistant to kinks and tangles.

m2You can easily customize the G50 in 3 ways. First, the palm rest is adjustable and slides forward and back a few millimeters to help provide the right feel. Secondly, you can program the available buttons for various functions within the provided software. And lastly, the software also allows you to choose exactly what 4 DPI settings you want available to you. You can set anything between 500 on the low end and the 4000 maximum.

Final Score: 4.5/55 Star RatingOverall this mouse offers high quality and nearly everything gamers need. There are very few this won’t be a good fit for. If you need that ultra high sensitivity of 8000DPI, or if you need a button-loaded mouse for heavy macro use, this might not be a good match. For most gamers, however, this mouse offers a rather high end experience for a mid-range price tag.

Luoiyi G50 Titanium Gaming Mouse: $33.69 –