The H2 Double Horns earbuds offer an innovative design that excels in sound clarity but provides a softer than expected low range. I’d really love to give these earbuds 5 stars, as their 2-driver design is very innovative. However, I feel like they must have used 2 smaller drivers, as they don’t seem capable of delivering a round enough sound as I’d expect. These are still VERY good earbuds, and they’re probably perfect for the right person.

– Very clear sound.
– Excellent mid frequency focus.
– Comfortable and light.

– Relatively soft bass.

The design of these earbuds is great. It’s a unique layout, having two drivers in each ear piece. I really haven’t seen anyone else doing this yet, though hopefully they’ll work on perfecting it. The construction is lightweight, and the caps are comfortable. I’m not certain these would be the best option for athletics, as anything without some sort of grip or bar on it can tend to fall out. But I didn’t feel like these were prone to doing that with normal activity. There is also in-line audio control if you’re using these on a phone or tablet, and they do have a reasonably good microphone if you intend to make calls. It does pick up any environmental sounds, so you won’t want to make calls in a loud place.h2The sound on these earbuds still delivers high quality, but fell short in an area in which I expected them to excel. The clarity is certainly not an issue, but the fullness of sound is somehow limited as these deliver a relatively soft bass. Perhaps it’s the size of the two drivers used that doesn’t allow them to give a more full bass that people who listen to pop music will want. These are still very good for fans or rock and jazz, and those who listen to classical or musicals will likely enjoy them very much. And in case you’re wondering: No, the dual speakers don’t provide any sort of surround sound.

Final Score: 4/55 Star RatingOverall I’d still recommend these earbuds given the stipulations in taste I mentioned. I really hope they continue perfecting this design and add additional depth to the low frequencies. And I would think it isn’t far off from a point where they could institute at least some type of surround sound in a design like this. Regardless, I’m happy to see some innovation in the industry.

Red Ant H2 Double Horns Earbuds: $23.99 –