The AJazz Crystal Soldier keyboard is a good mid-end gaming keyboard with a unique look and good feature set. While it isn’t mechanical (often preferred by many gamers), it does have its own advantages. This keyboard is actually one of the quietest gaming keyboards I have ever heard. So if you’re worried about disturbing others, this might be exactly what you were looking for.

– Very good lighting with multiple color/brightness options.
– Anti-ghosting keys (19).
– VERY quiet keys.
– Solid construction.

– No extendable legs for additional elevation.
– Not 104-key anti-ghosting.

The construction on the Crystal Soldier is surprisingly solid and durable, despite its smaller size. The keyboard still has significant weight, and with the rubber anti-skid pads on all 4 corners, it’s unlikely to slide around your desk. Some of the cheaper gaming keyboards tend to be extremely lightweight and prone to slipping. And while the keys aren’t mechanical, they had a good reactivity and didn’t feel like you’d need to depress them overly far to get an actuation. Not only that, but they are probably the quietest keys I have ever heard on a gaming keyboard. If the term “stealth” applied to gaming, it would fit the sound of this keyboard.

k2Where the keyboard isn’t necessarily stealthy is the LED lighting. I wasn’t actually expecting the available brightness, and it delivers a significant glow when set to the maximum. There are a few settings to adjust that to taste, along with the 7 color options for the backlight itself. It’s also refreshing to see white as a lighting option, as some manufacturers forget that there are gamers who want lighting simply to see the keys and not for color. But if you want color and brightness (and a breathing/pulsing option) in your keyboard, the Crystal Soldier has you covered.

The Anti-ghosting is limited to 19 keys, but this is typical of all but the highest-end gaming keyboards. This should keep most gamers covered that are concerned with their key-presses though. If you’re playing first-person shooters like CS:GO or a strategy/MOBA game like League of Legends, those keys are all part of the expected set in anti-ghosting. If you need every key available at any time, however, you’re going to need to go up the price scale a bit to achieve that (particularly with a 104-key keyboard).

Final Score: 4.25/55 Star RatingOverall the Crystal Soldier delivers an excellent gaming experience for those fitting its style. If you want the “stealth” sound and like the glowing crystal look of this keyboard, there’s not really a reason to pass it up. While it doesn’t offer features like macro keys and others found in the higher-end keyboards, it also comes it priced at less than half the cost. If you prefer the click of a mechanical keyboard or don’t like the visuals, then there’s a style mismatch, but the keyboard itself is a very solid product.

AJazz A6 Crystal Solider Gaming Keyboard: $48.86 –