The MechanicalEagle X-3000 offers a full size mechanical keyboard with full anti-ghosting  and swappable switches at probably the lowest price on the market. If you don’t mind the fact that it’s rainbow colored (you cannot change the color of the rows), there’s a LOT to love in this keyboard. Not only is it mechanical, but the switches are also easily swapped with whatever type mechanical switch you prefer (it comes with blue). Whatever your gaming preference, it’s hard to not give this keyboard a serious look.

– Full 104 key anti-ghosting.
– Removable/swappable switches.
– Solid construction.

– Rainbow color may not suit everyone’s tastes.

The construction of this keyboard is quite solid, and the design is overall pleasing without being too generic. Some of the simpler keyboards of this type (mechanical rainbow) feature a plain and unremarkable rectangular design. The X-3000 offers some style with their design and a more angled shape typically preferred by gamers. There are also rubber pads on the extendable rear legs, which sounds like a minor issue but does help keep the keyboard in place while you’re playing. The only minor remark I have about the design in the negative is the fact that while it does have a thicker cable, it doesn’t have a braided cover. I just find that makes a slight difference in terms of durability and protection, but it’s only a small difference.

k2The default blue switches the keyboard come with work very well, and as I mentioned they are all swappable if you ever want to switch one, some, or all of them for different switches. If you’re very much into first-person shooters like CS:GO for example, you could always get a 4-pack of Cherry Red switches and swap out the WASD keys. This is one aspect of the keyboard that certainly sets it apart from the rest of the crowd in this price range, as that feature usually comes at a higher cost. I found the blue keys to work extremely well, and I think most other gamers would too. They have a good tactile feedback, offer the typical mechanical sound, and don’t require too much force or distance to actuate.

I think the biggest “fault” I could find with this keyboard is in its LED lighting choice. Again this is only the most minor of things, and it ultimately comes down to personal choice, but I’d prefer to see more options with the lighting and the ability to choose a single color. Now, I realize this rainbow layout has been a popular trend recently, so I can’t really fault the design that much for doing it. But while you can change the brightness and “flow” of the lighting, I’d just like the see the additional customization available to make it one color.

Final Score: 4.75/55 Star RatingOverall there were only two minor things I could pick out when evaluating this keyboard that even resembled something negative. And its positives very much outweigh those issues if you’re a fan of the rainbow style and don’t mind an un-braided cable. Because while you’re only getting rainbow LED lighting, you’re also getting a full 104-key anti-ghosting keyboard with swappable switches! And considering it offers more than other gaming keyboards in this price range, it’s hard to pass on it because of lighting.

MechanicalEagle X-3000 Mechanical Gaming  Keyboard: $59.99 –