As long as you’re aware of what exactly you’re getting when you buy this little projector, you should be pleasantly surprised and happy you bought it. First, if you compare its price to the other options in its category, this comes in MUCH cheaper. So that is an immediate consideration to keep in mind. It also has additional features that some of the others do not, like an included remote and multiple input source options. The resolution isn’t stellar, but it still makes a fun option for occasional use (especially for kids!).

– Less expensive than similar options.
– Multiple input sources.
– Remote controlled.
– Easy to set up and use.

– Gets pretty warm, so you don’t want this on a soft surface like a bed.
– Resolution is only 480p (but so are ALL other mini projectors like this).

Let’s clear the most important thing up first: the resolution. ALL of the mini-projectors on the market sell themselves by talking about how they can handle 1080p, but that’s the INPUT resolution. You’re not going to get a 1080p projection for $60, or even $160, so you need to be realistic and keep that in mind. This projector is 480p, as are all the others like it. But if you’re okay with not having perfect resolution and like the option of being able to project this on a screen, wall, or ceiling, it’s a lot of fun. As I mentioned, I think this is a perfect option for kids. You can set it up vertically and play movies and TV right on the ceiling of their bedroom, and that’s a lot of fun for little ones.

Yes, that’s Courage the Cowardly Dog.

This unit also doesn’t seem to have the lumens (brightness) stated anywhere on it, but I would guess it’s around 1,000. It doesn’t seem dim at all, but it’s also not stunningly bright. You do need to watch this at night, and with the lights off. But as that’s really the best way to watch any projected show/movie, I don’t see that as a negative. This projector does also have its own built-in speakers. They’re “okay”, as the sound isn’t garbled, but it’s not very full at all. Luckily, it supports audio out with a simple AUX cable, so you can plug it into whatever speakers you like.p2
There are two points that definitely make this projector an excellent choice though. First is the remote, which means you don’t need to be sitting at the projector to control it. Not all come with one, and it’s a major convenience. Secondly is the variety of input options this projector supports. You can easily plug in any HDMI device, but also older RCA cables, VGA from a computer, a USB drive, and SD card. So you can use media in basically any form and watch it on this projector.

Final Score: 4/55 Star RatingOverall I think it’s a really fun option for kids, and while the resolution itself isn’t high definition, the color is good and the picture comes through clearly. And as this unit comes in at a lower price than pretty much any of the competition in its category, it’s hard to pass it up. The one consideration might be the lumens/brightness, but I’d be hard pressed to pay an extra $50-100 for a bit brighter of a projection. Since most people watch projections in the dark anyway, the brightness provided by this unit is more than sufficient. Just be aware that these do heat up, so you shouldn’t place them on a soft, flammable surface like blankets. And be sure you don’t cover the ventilation on the unit.

Aduro Amplify VP20 Mini Projector: $59.99 –