This tactical flashlight offers a lot of brightness, making it an excellent option for things like camping, power outages, or emergencies. It has a very solid design and construction, simple responsive buttons, and comes with a protective carrying case. And while it is a little on the pricier side, it does match up well with the 1000 lumens brightness it provides. It’s a bit of an investment for the higher quality and durability, and doesn’t come with the necessary lithium flashlight battery, but the 5-year warranty is a quality not often found in these products.

– High brightness (1000 lumens).
– Solid construction and durability.
– 5-year warranty.
– Multiple light settings.

– High cost.
– Projected light has typical “bubble” visual.

f2The brightness on this flashlight is definitely powerful. It does, however, project the typical “bubble” with concentrated light at the center of the illumination. There are a few flashlights that have done away with this in favor of a different LED design. The front button on this flashlight provides you with a variety of settings for brightness. It’s very easy to use with the simple on-off rear button or the multi-settings front/side button. And with the right battery you can get over 1,000 hours of use on lower power settings.

As I mentioned, this tactical light makes an excellent option for camping, or keeping in your car or house for emergencies. LED lights offer superior brightness over conventional bulbs, and last much longer with less power use. This light is going to be more reliable, and an overall superior option to your conventional flashlights. It’s also a smaller, more compact and portable unit.

Final Score: 4/55 Star RatingOverall I’d recommend this tactical flashlight for consideration. It has excellent brightness, is very durable, and the 5-year warranty is an excellent addition. They even offer a 60-day hassle free return policy, so if you for some reason don’t like the light, you can just return it no questions asked. The price is a bit of an investment, and I’d like to see an adjustable focused lens, but aside from that it’s an outstanding product.

For more information: Night Provision Website

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