For the price, this is a good Bluetooth speaker, with the added FM radio functionality. But it’s hard to compare this to the mid end options, and even more so the high end options out there. Granted, you’d need to pay 3 times the price or more to get a noticeable difference in quality, but it’s worth mentioning none the less. If you’re expecting things like booming bass and crystal clear sound out of this speaker, you’ll be disappointed. But considering it comes in at a meager $20 price tag, it’s hard to look down on it too much.

Construction/Design: 3.75/5

s2The construction and design of the speaker is overall good. And while it says “outdoor” in the company’s description of the product, I don’t see any information on things like water resistance. So while you could of course take this outside, I would keep it away from water sources and rain. It’s not likely to be waterproof or resistant. The rear of the speaker has inputs for an SD card, USB, and AUX port, so if you don’t want to pair it to your mobile device or don’t have one, there are still multiple options for playing your music. The buttons on the top give you the ability to play/pause and move forward and backward through tracks. On the down side, the power is turned on and off with a cheap plastic switch in the back rather than a button. And the volume is the same buttons as the forward/backaward buttons, making accidentally skipping tracks a possibility.

Sound: 3.75/5

The sound quality on this speaker is what I’d call good, but not great. It certainly can put out a good amount of volume, but the sound quality suffers at high volumes. The tones start to get quite muddy the louder the speaker gets. As I had mentioned earlier, the low frequencies (bass) are very much on the weak side. While you do get more than a mild thump (which I’ve heard in some other low-end bluetooth speakers), you’re still not getting very full bass. Despite what the box says, this speaker doesn’t deliver on the “mega bass”. It’s not terrible, but it’s certainly nothing worth nothing in the positive category. The clarity is pretty good, though as I mentioned it gets muddled at high volumes.

Final Score: 3.75/55 Star RatingOverall this speaker offers a decent option for a budget model. It’s not going to amaze you with its sound quality, but it’s hard to find comparable options for under $20. As mentioned previously, in order to get a noticeable jump in sound quality, you’re likely going to need to spend at least 3 times as much on a better speaker. So if you just want some portable music for outside or around your house and don’t need the top of the line in quality, you can’t go wrong with this option.

Accering Portable Bluetooth Speaker: $19.85 –