For just over $20, this is a quick and easy solution to measure hard water and metals without the need for a professional.  It can often be expensive to have your water professionally tested for minerals, contaminants, and metals.  And while this tester doesn’t specifically tell you whether you have iron or copper, etc., it will let you know if you have hard water and SOME sort of metal contaminants.  Then, if you think you have a problem, you can get further testing done.

TDS stands for Total Dissolved Solids.  What this will measure is the presence of ANY solid particles in your water (or whatever liquids you test).  This could be chemicals, metals, or anything else that has gotten into your water.  Again, this comes in very handy to let you know whether you have hard water at your house or other location of interest.  This could come in handy if you’re considering buying a house and want to know more about the water, for example.  Or if you feel you may have some issues cropping up with your own water.

t2If you think you might have an issue with metals, that is where the other test on this unit comes in.  EC stands for Electrical Conductivity.  Now, all water or liquids will conduct electricity to a certain extent.  However, if you have metals in your water, whether something like iron or copper, your water will have a much higher conductivity than water without those metals.  So, this should give you an idea as to whether you should be concerned with those levels.  Now, it won’t tell you exactly WHICH metal might be in your water, but once you know they’re present, you can look for more specific remedies to your problem.

Final Score: 4.5/55 Star RatingOverall I think this is an excellent product for anyone who either knows or suspects they might have hard water, or is concerned with metals in their water.  This tester will let you keep an eye on those levels, and give you an indication as to the state of your filtration system if you have one.  If you start to see those TDS and EC levels go up and you have a filtration system, chances are it needs some attention or repairs.  And for just over $20, it’s hard to pass up such a simple yet handy tool.

HealthyWiser TDS & EC Meter: $21.75 –