The Wings of Liberty from AULA is one of the more affordable 104-key mechanical keyboards. Often the less expensive mechanical keyboards only have 87-keys, and lack the number pad on the right. This isn’t necessarily a problem for most gamers, as they’re typically not going to use the number pad. But if you’re using this for both gaming AND regular use, you’re probably going to want it. So at just over $65, the Wings of Liberty offers mechanical gaming and a number pad at a very respectable price.

– Mechanical keys.
– LED lighting.
– Solid design but not overly heavy.

– Cable not braided.
– Colors always rainbow.

The design of the Wings of Liberty is very solid. It has a good weight without being overly heavy. There are extendable legs at the rear of the keyboard to lift up the back. And while the legs themselves lack a rubber foot (which I typically prefer for added stability), the remaining parts of the keyboard have good anti-skid pads and the keyboard didn’t move about as I was using it. There are anti-skid pads on the front bottom of the keyboard as well as the removable palm rest. And yes, you can remove the palm rest where the logo is printed if you prefer.

Thick but not braided cable.

This keyboard features blue switches, which seem to be the standard in mechanical switches as they provide a well-rounded mechanical experience. They aren’t overly touchy, as certain switches like the Cherry Red can be. They aren’t the loudest switches, though they are certainly audible. If you’re playing in a room with other people, they may not be happy with you. I often don’t recommend buying a mechanical keyboard of any kid for people who play in a shared space. It isn’t just THIS keyboard, it’s ALL mechanical keyboards that are loud. But these switches actuate well and with a good sensitivity and tactile feedback.


One definitely positive aspect of this keyboard is that all 104 keys are anti-ghosting. This means you won’t lose any key presses, regardless of which keys you’re using. Some other keyboards have a more basic anti-ghosting feature that only allows for 19-21 keys to be covered. Granted, these are typically keys that are most often used in gaming like WASD and QWER, etc. However, it’s good to have the full keyboard at your disposal regardless of game played.

Final Score: 4.5/55 Star RatingOverall I think the Wings of Liberty keyboard is an excellent option, particularly given its highly competitive pricing. My only “complaints” are more issues of personal preference. I typically prefer my gaming peripherals to have braided cables. This helps prevent kinks and tangling, and I feel makes them more durable overall. I also think that you need to really like the rainbow colors to enjoy this keyboard, as it’s not changeable. Each row remains a single color, though you can adjust brightness or simply turn the back light off completely. It also lacks macro keys, which may be an issue for some gamers. Aside from these personal taste issues, however, it remains an outstanding gaming keyboard.

AULA Wings of Liberty Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: $65.95 –