This rainbow keyboard from OJA is a unique, high quality gaming keyboard, though it might not be right for everyone. It offers a lot of innovation in terms of design with its self-described “voice control” sound and VERY heavy duty construction. In fact, this is probably the heaviest keyboard I’ve ever seen. Whether you take that as good or bad is likely a personal preference issue, but it’s certainly solid and durable. The lighting offers more variety than any keyboard I’ve seen as well, which as I mentioned makes this a unique product. ┬áIt’s available in both silver and black varieties.

– 19-key anti-ghosting.
– VERY solid construction.
– Quiet keys.
– Unique and multi-option lighting.

– Weight might be too much for some.
– Cable not braided.
– Incline angle cannot be changed.

The design of this keyboard is interesting for a number of reasons. First, it weight in at an impressive 3.5 lbs, making this the heaviest keyboard I’ve ever seen. The reason for this is the almost completely metal case. The only parts that aren’t metal are the keys and the side closing caps. Otherwise this keyboard is built like a tank. It’s certainly not likely to slide around your gaming surface.

While there are no legs to prop up this keyboard, it comes design with a built-in incline that should work for most gamers. However, if you’re someone who wants your keyboard completely horizontal and flat, this won’t likely be as comfortable for you. I don’t know any gamers to play like that, but it’s worth mentioning. This does have a slight incline built into it. The keys on this keyboard were reactive but pleasantly silent. This makes it optimal for gaming in shared spaces like living rooms or dorm rooms. There is a bit of a tactile response to key presses, but nothing like a mechanical keyboard.

k2This keyboard does boast anti-ghosting for 19 keys, making sure your key presses will make it to the game regardless of how many keys are pressed simultaneously. The entire keyboard isn’t anti-ghosting, but keys like WASD and QWER are covered, so players of popular titles like League of Legends or Counter Strike: Global Offensive can comfortably play without losing presses. There are no macro keys, however. So if you play games that rely on additional keys or macros, you won’t have that option with this keyboard.

The most unique aspect of this keyboard has to be it’s lighting. The pictures provided by OJA all show a rainbow color across the keys. And while you can leave it as a rainbow, there are a massive amount of lighting options. You can have the lights stream across the board, in EITHER direction. You can keep them solid if you prefer with any of the 7 optional colors. There are also other options for lighting such as breathing, etc. The most interesting option is their “voice control”, as they call it. What this does is pulse the color across your keyboard according to sound in the room. So, whether it’s talking or music you’re playing, the keyboard will pulse along. This is a fun little option that certainly adds some uniqueness.

Final Score: 4.25/55 Star RatingOverall this keyboard provides most of what any gamer is going to need, unless you rely heavily on macros or want specific multi-media keys. There is a staggering number of lighting options, a decent anti-ghosting feature, and the most solid construction I’ve seen. I would have preferred to see a braided cover on the cable, and the little hooks on the back to hold the cable seem thin and may be prone to breaking. And while the keys may not offer the lightning-fast actuation of a mechanical keyboard, they have good response time and offer a very quiet gaming option.

OJA LED Backlit “Voice Lighting” Gaming Keyboard: $59.99 –