The Wave ZX are a good entry-level for over-ear Bluetooth headphones. They offer excellent comfort and should fit most head sizes well. And while they lack high-end features like active noise cancelling, they do provide a certain amount of noise isolation from their design. The large ear cups form a good seal that adequately blocks out most light noises. They aren’t perfect, however, and do present some note-worthy issues.

– Inexpensive for over-ear Bluetooth headphones.
– Decent Noise Isolation
– Lightweight and comfortable fit.
– Good sound quality.

– Lack of vents can cause bass to hurt your ears.
– Cover for micro-USB charging port prone to slipping out.

The overall design of these headphones reminds me of DJ headphones, and I assume that is the look they’re going with. These are very lightweight, and shouldn’t feel very heavy at all after long periods of use. The ear cups are round, which you might think is unusual given most designs are oval (as are our ears). However, the fit is actually quite good and even on somewhat larger ears is comfortable. The cups create a good seal. The buttons for play/pause and volume/track control are easily accessible.

h2One downfall to the design is that while the ear cups to provide a solid seal which helps with noise isolation, they also lack and sort of pressure ventilation. This means that if you listen to music with heavy bass, the vibration of the speakers is likely to cause your ears to hurt (depending on volume, of course). As there is nowhere for pressure to go, it simply puts all the force on your inner ear. So, I highly recommend not listening to music with heavy bass at more than a medium volume. Also, another minor issue is that the little rubber plug for the USB charging port is prone to slipping out. It’s nothing major, but a minor inconvenience.

In terms of sound quality, this headset does quite well considering its price. As I mentioned, it does deliver significant bass. There is a distinct rumble on songs, while similar inexpensive products typically deliver little more than a “thump”. Again I’d caution against doing this with high volume. The mid and high ranges remain clear through most volume ranges, only becoming muddy when you really crank the sound. This is pretty typical, however, as it’s hard for speakers to keep reasonable vibration at high volume levels. But anything from rock to pop to jazz comes through with nice clarity and quality of sound.

Final Score: 4/55 Star RatingOverall this makes a very good entry into the Bluetooth headset category with its low price point. While it does have a few flaws in design, they aren’t serious issues and can be controlled with some extra attention and caution. So if you can listen to your music without turning the volume up really high, you may really enjoy these lightweight, comfortable headphones.

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