The newest gaming headset from Sades in 2016, the SA-917 makes some serious improvements on previous models. Not only does this have superior microphone and sound quality, it also features an in-line equalizer feature. There is a lot to like in this headset, and for the under $30 price range, it leaves most of the mid-range headsets in the dust. The visuals on the unit might not be for everyone, however, with the camo-only design and always-on LED lights.

– High quality sound.
– High quality microphone (48KHz).
– In line controls.
– Built-in equalizer.
– No driver install needed.

– Camo design might not be for everyone.
– LEDs always on.
– Microphone volume on the lower side.

Design/Construction: 4/5

The quality of the build in this headset is pretty good, but they still used inexpensive plastic construction. The durability should still be good and the unit feels solid, but there are no metal parts and any plastic is still prone to breaking more easily. Obviously, however, this keeps the price on the headset low and quite affordable give the overall high quality. The visual might not be for everyone, as the only available style in this model is camo. The side LEDs feature an orange logo, and while they aren’t overly bright, they are always on with no option to turn them off. I didn’t find this to be a problem, but it’s still worth mentioning.

Microphone: 4.25/5

The microphone quality was surprisingly high on this headset. The microphone can be adjusted up and down, but no other direction. You get about a 90 degree rotation, which I felt left it sitting a little high on my head. The audio comes in at 48KHz (DVD quality), which is actually higher that almost all mid-end headsets I’ve tested. I was pretty impressed by that fact. The sensitivity isn’t the best, however, requiring me to turn it up to 100% to be heard well. There is the very tiniest of “fuzz” as background noise, but it isn’t really audible. It shows up on sound waves though, so I didn’t want to say the microphone has any sort of sound isolation. The default drivers don’t provide it as an option.

Sound: 4.75/5

h5The sound quality on this headset is also surprisingly high and offers a full range for a mid-end headset. You have rumbling low frequencies (great for explosions and gunfire) as well as completely clear mid and highs (speaking, music, etc.). This is further enhanced or altered by the built-in equalizer function on the in-line controls. There is a dial to adjust volume, as well as the buttons for microphone mute and EQ. There appeared to be 4 settings you can cycle through to find your preferred sound profile. I personally found what I think is the “Jazz” setting to be the perfect balance. But if you don’t want your lows to be so rumbling, you can change it accordingly.

Final Score: 4.5/55 Star RatingOverall this new model from Sades is a major improvement from their previous headsets, and it offers probably the best quality I’ve seen in mid-end gaming headsets. For under $30, I think you’d be hard pressed to find a better option. While it doesn’t have much noise cancelling and the visuals aren’t going to suit everyone’s tastes, there’s a lot to like in this headset and its features.

Sades SA-917 Gaming Headset: $25.99 –