The Gryphon from TeckNet offers tools that will suit a variety of gamers. For a mid-range keyboard, it succeeds very well at offering pretty much anything gamers will want, regardless of genre. It has anti-ghosting, macro keys, and even media control functionality. That combined with a sturdy frame and useful LED back light with 3 color options. If you’re looking for a good all-around gaming keyboard but don’t want to spend the money on high-end models, the Gryphon is worth serious consideration.

– Sturdy construction.
– Anti-ghosting (19 keys).
– Macro keys & Multimedia functions.
– Braided cable.

– Only 3 back light colors.
– Keys may be a bit stiff for some.

Design features braided cable.

The construction and design of the keyboard is very solid and overall quite good quality. While this is a completely plastic frame, it isn’t overly thin or cheap. In fact, it’s quite sturdy and weighs in around 2 lbs. It has a built-in wrist rest, so you have a comfortable place to rest your hands while typing. And while it does feature LED back lighting, it only has 3 available colors (blue, red, and purple), so if you aren’t a fan of those options (if you like green, etc.) it might not be as attractive an option. The keys are not mechanical, but have a decent actuation point. They also require more force to press than mechanical keys, and some who are light-handed may find it a bit cumbersome over time. For most, however, these keys should work quite well. This doesn’t really detract from the overall quality of the keyboard.


The features on this keyboard are what set it apart from the competition at this price point. There are several keyboards with sturdy plastic frames and basic LED lighting. But the Gryphon also features a 19-key anti-ghosting capability for gaming. This means that playing games that require multiple simultaneous key presses will work on this keyboard for the most part. It doesn’t cover the entire key set, but if you’re playing popular titles like League of Legends, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or other similar games, you can rest assured that your key presses will make it to the computer. There are also 10 macro keys for additional functions in gaming. This is an excellent option for people who play online games like MMORPGs. You can map additional functions to these keys.

Final Score: 4.25/55 Star RatingOverall this keyboard provides above-average construction with a full feature set that should satisfy most gamers. It’s hard to find such a complete set of features in a gaming keyboard at this price point. For just over $25, it’s really hard to expect more out of a keyboard. So, if you’re in the market for a solid all-around gaming keyboard but don’t want to invest in the high-end models, the Gryphon makes a solid choice.

TeckNet Gryphon X702 Gaming Keyboard: $26.99 –