These headphones give some serious competition to the top of the line models with active noise cancelling. They’re lightweight, yet have a high quality and sturdy design. And while they certainly aren’t “cheap”, they are more affordable than major brand options while staying in the same range of quality offered by the likes of Bose. The active noise cancelling feature works extremely well, and offers an isolated listening experience suited to both home use as well as travelling. If you spend any time on planes, these are definitely worth consideration.

– Lightweight.
– Study metal frame.
– Comfortable headband and ear cups.
– Excellent sound.
– High quality noise cancellation.

– No APT-X

Design/Construction: 5/5

The design of the B76 is outstanding both in terms of quality and comfort. They remain lightweight while having a mostly metal frame. It’s likely partially hollow or some sort of anodized aluminum, though it’s still quite sturdy. I can’t be certain of the exact way they accomplished this, as I wasn’t willing to saw it apart to further investigate. But it somehow achieves a lightweight feel without being made cheaply and with too much plastic (which is always prone to breaking). The headband features a reasonable and not overly-thick padding with a faux leather cover. Likewise, the ear cups are soft, and deep enough to accommodate larger ears. There is even some padding at the back of the ear cup to prevent uncomfortable rubbing against the speaker cover.

Features: 4.5/5

h2The unit features active noise cancelling, which uses a specific technology that alters the frequencies of the speaker to reduce and often eliminate outside sound. There is a small switch on the ear cup that turns this feature on and off. And while there is a very slight immediate difference in the sound of your music, this is the case with even the best noise cancelling headphones. It’s simply part of the technology’s function, and not an indication of quality. But it does an excellent job at removing outside noise. In fact, even the sound of your own voice is nearly eliminated while using this feature. It’s easy to test the efficiency by speaking aloud, then turning the feature on to compare its effects. You should notice that even your own voice is nearly inaudible while it’s active.

One thing I believe is absent from these headphones is the APT-X technology. This is only the most minor of things, but search as I might I couldn’t find any evidence that they use the APT-X codec. This is simply a method of sending the music data over Bluetooth that keeps the fidelity of the data better and helps to prevent any dropping of signal quality that can happen as data bottlenecks. These headphones do use the newest Bluetooth 4.0 technology and I had no experience of sound issues, but the optimal transfer methods do use the APT-X codec, so it’s worth mentioning. Though as I said, it’s only the most minor of issues as many devices aren’t even capable of using that transfer method/codec.

Sound: 5/5

I can find absolutely no fault with the sound on these headphones. They have both excellent clarity as well as fullness and range of sound. The balance between low, mid, and high is nearly perfect. If you are a fan of pop music, you’ll find your bass to be booming and full without muddling up the vocals. If you like rock or jazz, each instrument and sound comes through with outstanding quality. The same is true of classical, or meditative music. For whatever reason, I’m unable to find specs on the range for these speakers, but it’s likely a 50mm driver (though possibly a 40mm), with a full 20Hz-20/22Khz range. I say that based on the full range of sound it’s capable of.

Final Score: 4.75/55 Star RatingOverall these headphones offer high-end sound at mid-range cost. It’s hard to find any flaw at all when examining and testing these headphones. The sound quality is outstanding, and the active noise cancelling feature works impeccably. If you’re someone who travels a lot and wants some quiet, or if you just like the isolation with your music that active noise cancelling provides, these are an excellent choice that aren’t going to cost you nearly as much as the high-end options like Bose. Yet it still delivers the same level of sound quality and nearly the same noise cancelling capability.

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