While these don’t match up to the top of the line in noise-cancelling wireless headphones, they certainly dominate the mid-range competition. The Sharkk Claro is lightwight, comfortable, and offers a solid and reliable active noise-cancelling feature. While it’s not perfect, it’s more than you would expect given the price is under $100. I have yet to see another product that offers the sound quality and features of these headphones in that range.

– Lightweight.
– Very good sound quality.
– Good active noise cancelling.
– Comfortable headband and ear cups.

– Noise cancelling doesn’t match up to top of the line.
– While comfortable, the ear cups aren’t optimal.

Design/Construction: 4/5

I have mixed feelings when it comes to the design of the Sharkk Claro headphones. First, they are extremely lightweight, at a mere 8 ounces (half a pound). This makes them optimal for long-term listening. They’re quite comfortable, with soft padding on the faux leather covered ear cups. However, there are a couple design choices here that I find less that optimal. The ear cups have a good depth to them, but the outside of the speaker lacks any sort of padding. This means that if your ears stick out quite a bit, they’re likely to rub against the back of the ear cup. Over time, this could become uncomfortable. Secondly, while an interesting aesthetic, rectangular ear cups are simply impractical. No one has rectangular ears. If you have larger ears, they don’t sit inside the ear cup, but rather beneath it (defying the point of over-the-ear headphones a bit).

Features: 4/5

h2These headphones have a good array of features, though their quality isn’t perfect. The headset does have the option to make calls, with a microphone on the outside of the ear cup. This works quite well, and the quality of the microphone is good for phone calls. It’s clear, and unless you’re in a noisy environment, it should work well for this purpose. The main feature of these headphones is the noise cancelling, which they do well, though not as well as the more expensive models. To compare, I have a pair of Plantronics Backbeat Pro headphones, which do have better noise cancelling. However, they also cost $160. So, while you’re not getting the most noise cancelling, you’re certainly getting a high quality considering these cost nearly half as much as the high-end models.

Sound: 4.75/5

The best quality of these headphones, and arguably the most important, is their sound. The speakers deliver a clear, full sound that definitely lines up closely to the high-end models like Bose. In fact, I think they have better sound that some of the more expensive headphones like Beats. They have a full-sounding bass, rather than the weak thump of the cheaper headphones on the market. So if you’re a fan of pop music, you should be able to enjoy your tracks with some good bass. The mid and high ranges stay quite clear, and things only really start to muddle up at very high volume (though I don’t recommend listening like that anyway as it’s bad for your hearing). All genres of music sounded quite good in these headphones.

Final Score: 4.25/55 Star RatingOverall, the Sharkk Claro is extremely lightweight, has full, clear sound, and offers a very good noise cancelling to help get rid of outside sounds. And while they don’t match up perfectly to the high-end models on the market, they do come in priced at nearly half the cost. So it’s hard to argue the quality of these headphones given that fact. If you’re looking for a good mid-range pair of Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones, these make an excellent option.

Sharkk Claro Bluetooth Headphones: $87.99 – Amazon.com