This is an interesting and unique product that provides an inexpensive theft deterrent without needing a security system. It’s quite a simple yet effective design that uses an LED projector to make it appear as if someone is home watching TV, making your home a less desirable target for thieves. Typically people don’t break into homes where they believe someone is home, yet alone awake. I’m actually surprised there aren’t more of this type of simple solution out there offering intelligent and inexpensive options.

I compared this to our living room TV, and while it doesn’t put out the same amount of light as a 65 inch widescreen TV, it comes close and mimics the light patterns exceptionally well. This certainly represents the light coming from a more common-sides television. And as long as you have the unit itself out of view of the window, it’s very likely anyone walking or driving by would easily mistake this for a television. I’m quite impressed with the ingenuity of this product.

Really looks like you’re watching TV.

I think that even if you have a security system, this adds another layer to it while you’re away. You can easily set it to come on at sundown and stay on for either 4 or 7 hours. And it isn’t going to use a lot of energy as it uses LED lights. The LED lights should also have a very long life, so this product should last you a long time. And given that it costs under $20, it’s pretty difficult to find an argument not to have one of these. I’d definitely recommend this as a stand alone or additional security component for your home.


Final Score: 5/55 Star RatingOverall there’s nothing negative to say about this product, and if you have a need for it, there isn’t a reason to pass it up.

1byone Home Security TV Simulator: $17.99 –