The Gingood Bluetooth speaker provides high quality with 360 degree sound. It’s quite similar to the Amazon Tap in terms of both size and sound quality. The major difference in that comparison is obviously that the Gingood speaker doesn’t have the Alexa functionality. That feature of the Amazon products allows users to access things like weather and their Amazon audio files, but also costs about $40-50 more. So a large determining factor when deciding between those two products would be whether or not you need or want that additional functionality.

– High quality, clear sound.
– Fun LED light options.
– Easy pairing.
– Good on-board controls.

– Not water resistant or waterproof.
– Could have more bass.

The design of this speaker is very good. It has a relatively small profile, only being about 3 inches in diameter. It stand about 10-12 inches tall and is meant to be used vertically. There are other speakers that sit on their side and play from the front, but this is a 360 degree sound design, so you need to have it standing straight up. The controls are on the top of the unit, with buttons for light control as well as music control. There are separate buttons for the volume and track controls, which I really appreciate. I find it frustrating with other models where those functions share a button and you can accidentally skip a track when all you wanted to do was turn the volume up a bit. The controls on this unit are responsive and easy to use.

s2The lighting options on the speaker are a fun little addition. There are a variety of settings you can choose from. Some of them move according to the sound being produced, while others are specific colors and patterns. Either way, the lighting is good without being overly bright. This makes a fun center point for having family or friends over while you’re listening to music. Again, the sound comes out in virtually all directions with almost no distinguishable difference in sound or quality wherever you stand around it. So that also makes it a perfect center point for sharing your music.

The sound quality on this speaker is very good. I compared it to the Amazon Tap, and the quality is nearly identical. In fact, this unit might even produce a bit more low end or bass in comparison. But if you look at the range, clarity, and overall quality they line up almost exactly. And while the Amazon audio products have additional features, this Gingood speaker obviously does not. It can’t tell you the weather or read your audio books for you, but it has excellent sound and costs quite a bit less than those Amazon products. Whether or not the added features are worth the $40-50 price difference is entirely up to you. But it’s certain that in terms of the sound alone this speaker matches up quite well.

Final Score: 4.5/55 Star RatingOverall this is an excellent product, and I really have a hard time finding anything to complain about, even when it comes to minor issues. It isn’t waterproof or water resistant, but that is simply because it wasn’t designed to be used in those conditions. That isn’t a fault of the product. And while is does have very good low frequency and bass with the sound, it isn’t booming. It’s very hard to achieve that sort of bass without a very large speaker/driver. But given its size, it produces bass and other frequencies with a quality that I was pleasantly surprised by.

Gingood Bluetooth Speaker: $79.99 –