This portable Bluetooth speaker offers good quality and plenty of utility. Considering the price is under $25, I was actually surprised at just how well this speaker performed. It isn’t going to match up to the very top of the line like Bose or Sonos, but it provides more sound quality than you get out of the majority of the competition at this price point. Not only that, but it has added benefits like water resistance and a built-in light. This is probably one of the better speakers you can get for something like camping or hiking.

– Good sound quality.
– Built-in flashlight.
– Good 2200 mAh battery.
– Easy to use controls.

– Not the strongest bass.
– Rear charging cover can require some jostling to get back on.

s2The design on this speaker is outstanding, and it stays relatively compact while still delivering on sound and features. It’s heavier than some similar models I’ve seen, though not in a way that would make it cumbersome to carry around. It’s also water resistant, which again makes it an excellent option for outdoor use. There is a silicone cover that goes over the rear ports to keep water from getting in, though that cover can be a bit annoying to get just right to fit back into its slot. However, that’s the only design flaw I could find to pick at. The controls are easy to use and the device was easy to connect to via Bluetooth and the signal was very reliable.

The sound quality on this speaker actually surprised me. For under $25, I wasn’t really expecting much and I’ve been disappointed by similar speakers in this price range. However, this model has good full sound, and the clarity is certainly better than the others. Even at higher volumes, the sound didn’t seem to become muddy or distorted (often a problem in cheaper speakers). The mid and high ranges are particularly good, though it does deliver some decent low frequency (bass). It’s very difficult to get any sort of “booming” bass out of a smaller unit like this, if not impossible. So if you’re a big fan of pop music and want that heavy bass, it’s likely you’ll have to look higher in terms of both size and price as you probably won’t find that. But this does a good job at making most any genre of music enjoyable.

Final Score: 4.25/55 Star RatingOverall there was little I could find to complain about with this unit. It’s well-designed, offers some additional functionality like a built-in flashlight, and the sound is superior to most of the competition in this price range. If you’re looking for a good, inexpensive outdoor speaker, I think this makes the perfect option. As I mentioned, I think it’s particularly suited to something like camping or hiking, though any outdoor activity or even use as a shower speaker would still be great with this speaker.

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