This keyboard may have a funny name, but it’s certainly not meant for old people. For just over $70, this keyboard offers a great deal for anyone looking for a mechanical gaming keyboard. It offers almost everything a gamer would want, only missing macro keys for players who want extra functions mapped for their games. But if you don’t need those macro keys, this is an outstanding option. It’s mechanical, offers full anti-ghosting, and a wider variety of LED lighting options than I’ve seen in any other mechanical keyboard to date.

– Mechanical Keys – Blue Switches
– Full 104-key anti-ghosting
– LOTS of LED lighting options
– Sturdy braided cable

– No macro keys

The design on this Geezer keyboard (still laugh at that name) is simple but effective. It’s a very solid design, and while not overly heavy it has enough weight to keep it from wanting to slide around during use. It also has four anti-skid rubber pads on the corners of the bottom surface. It does have two legs to elevate the keyboard should you prefer, but those legs do not have anti-skid pads. I typically feel better when they do, as it helps again to prevent any sliding, but I did feel like even with the legs up those front pads were sufficient to keep it from moving. Perhaps if you have an extremely slippery surface like glass you might want to put a large mouse pad or something on your desk to help prevent too much sliding. This keyboard also has a braided cable, which I am always a fan of as it makes the cable more durable. This is especially useful if you take your keyboard other places for gaming.

k2The keys on this keyboard are all mechanical with blue switches. They have a very good tactile feel, and a quick actuation. These stitches are an optimal middle road between sound, tactile feel, and actuation speed. Some people like to replace their WASD keys with red switches for faster response in games like first person shooters, and of course you could do that here should you choose. But I really don’t feel it’s necessary. This keyboard also sports a full 104-key anti-ghosting setup, so no matter how many keys you press anywhere on the keyboard, you can be sure they’re getting sent to the computer. You won’t be losing any key presses, which is important in a lot of gaming.

The final feature, and one I was surprised with, is the LED lighting. This is a full RGB keyboard with a variety of options. You can of course set the keyboard to any one single color of the options available (I believe there are 7 separate colors), but also any of the 9 “modes” of color. There is an array of options from snaking to wave, to rainbow, and some other fun options that display color based on the keys pressed. I’d definitely take a look at my video to see a quick look at the options for color on this keyboard. It’s much more than I expected, and the quality of the LEDs is quite good. There are also different brightness settings as well.

Final Score: 5/55 Star RatingOverall this is an outstanding mechanical keyboard, and comes in priced less than most of the other 104-key options. It features full anti-ghosting, more LED lighting options than I’ve seen on most any keyboard, and some high quality construction as well. Call me an old man, but I’m a fan of this Geezer!

Geezer Mechanical Keyboard: $71.99 –