This little speaker has surprisingly clear and full sound. Despite its size, it manages to deliver a very good range of sound, though the bass still isn’t what you’d call “booming”. It’s hard to expect more from drivers this size, however. This speaker offers good utility, simple controls, and a stable Bluetooth connection.

– Full and clear sound.
– Compact design.
– Water resistant.

– No “heavy” bass, though what it produces is respectable.

This speaker does a lot considering its small size. It easy fits in the palm of my hand, yet produces better sound that devices I’ve had that were nearly twice its size. The two drivers do a good job at delivering quality sound, and the cylindrical shape allows you to rotate it around to get the best direction. You can have this unit lying horizontally and roll it to face a few different ways. Alternatively, you can stand it upright and turn it whatever way you want to hear your music. This isn’t a “360 degree sound” speaker, but you can have it facing whatever direction works for you and even from behind the unit, the sound it’s overly weak.

Splashproof, but not waterproof.

The sound quality itself is surprisingly good considering the size of the unit. The drivers look to be about 2″ in size, but deliver very good sound that’s clear and still capable of higher volume. The low frequency and bass are present and respectable for drivers of this size, though as I mentioned, you don’t get “booming” bass. That being said, it also isn’t a weak “thump” like you get with some of the lower-end products. And the mid and high ranges are clear. Overall, most any genre of music is very enjoyable when listening with this speaker. Whether you like pop, rock, jazz, or want to listen to some meditative music, this keeps it all sounding very good.

Final Score: 4.25/55 Star RatingOverall I was quite surprised by this little speaker. And the fact that it’s “splashproof” is just a little bonus. You can take it outside and if there’s a sprinkle or it gets a bit of water on it, it won’t be ruined. Likewise, you can keep in the bathroom near the tub or shower, and a little water won’t break it. However, I’d keep in mind this isn’t a “shower speaker” and you can’t just soak it in water or even let it get submerged completely. But it’s a very durable unit overall.

G-Project G-TUBE Speaker: $27.99 –