This keyboard from Turbot is the least expensive mechanical gaming keyboard I’ve seen, and it delivers well on function and quality. It doesn’t offer a lot of fancy features like LED lighting or macro keys, but what it does, it does well. At its core, this is a keyboard designed with gaming in mind, and with its blue mechanical switches and anti-ghosting feature, it provides a high-end gaming experience for a mid-end price tag.

– Extremely low cost for a mechanical keyboard.
– Blue mechanical switches (nice middle ground).
– Full 87-key anti-ghosting.

– No frills (LED backlight, macro keys, etc.)

k2The design on this keyboard is compact and straight-forward. It’s an 87-key gaming keyboard, and it’s very solidly built. For its size, this keyboard has an excellent weight to it, which is part of why it won’t be sliding around your desk while you play. Additionally, it has anti-skid pads not only on the front of the keyboard but the extendable legs as well. A lot of keyboards forget to include anti-skid pads on those legs, but it definitely helps with stability. The difference between this and a standard 104-key layout is that the number pad is absent. But as that typically isn’t something used for gaming, it’s not likely you’ll miss it. If you need one badly for other purposes, you could always pick up an inexpensive USB number pad.

This keyboard has gaming in mind, not only with compact the 87-key set, but with the features as well. All of the keys here are mechanical with blue switches. These provides very good tactile feel as well as a fairly quick actuation. These are certainly superior to standard keyboard switches. The “color” of the switch is mostly a personal preference issue, but blue switches are probably the best for all-around gaming. There are some gamers who choose to swap out specific keys (like the WASD) for different switches. Sometimes red switches are used by first-person shooter players. As I mentioned previously, the entire keyboard is also anti-ghosting. This means that no matter how many keys you press, they’re all assured to arrive at the computer. There should be no lost key-presses. This is particularly important to anyone playing competitively.

Final Score: 4.75/55 Star RatingOverall, this keyboard is the best no-frills option I’ve seen when you take into account the price. There simply isn’t competition in this price range that offers a higher quality gaming keyboard with the full features this has. If you can find a better mechanical gaming keyboard with anti-ghosting for less, you should probably snap it up. But for the moment, this offers gamers who can’t afford the higher-end mechanical keyboards an outstanding option for getting a quality product to enhance their gameplay.

Turbot Mechanical Gaming Keyboard: $32.99 –