These headphones have some good qualities, but the sound quality keeps them from being any sort of serious competition to other similar Bluetooth headsets. The price point keeps these a viable option for a budget Bluetooth headset, and if you’re really watching how much you spend, they’re not bad. They are lightweight, adjustable, and rather comfortable.

– Lightweight
– Good, stable connection
– Fits most any head size
– Stronger bass that most in this price range
– Optional AUX input

– Muddy sound
– Cheap construction

The design of these headphones is very lightweight, at less than half a pound. However, that was achieved by using cheap plastic for basically the entirety of the design. I didn’t have any problems with the unit breaking, but the all-plastic components are definitely more prone to doing so compared to sturdier designs with metal of some sort. The ear cups aren’t overly shallow and are rather comfortable. The adjustable headband and expansion of the unit makes it a pretty good fit for most head sizes.

h2There are controls located on the ear cup for things like play/pause, as well as volume and track control. There is a port for charging via the provided micro USB cable (or you could use one you already have, of course). There is also a jack for an optional AUX cable. This means that when the battery is dead (or if you don’t have a Bluetooth capable device yet), you can connect a 3.5mm audio cable and still use the headphones. This is an important feature, actually, as no one wants a pair of headphones they aren’t able to use.

While there are some questionable quality issues with the construction of these headphones, they definitely struggle to provide high quality music. While I would say these are average or slightly above average for budget headphones, I personally found the sound to be rather muddy. What I mean by that is that the clarity suffers and makes the frequencies a bit jumbled. This is absolutely the case at higher volumes, where your music can turn into a garbled mess of sound. It’s not terrible by any means, but if you’re looking for clarity first and foremost, you won’t find these very satisfying.

Final Score: 3.25/55 Star RatingOverall these headphones made a decent budget option for entry into the Bluetooth headphones market, but they certainly can’t compete with any of the mid or high end offerings. Granted, you might need to pay nearly double for a serious improvement in sound quality, but if you are willing to do so you’ll probably be much happier with the outcome. However, if cost is your primary concern, these do offer a decent listening experience for the price. And if you like strong bass in your music, this will definitely offer you that feature.

Proxelle Xenon Headphones: $26.89 –