If you’re looking for a good entry-level budget keyboard with a back light and multimedia controls, the gaming keyboard from 1byone makes a solid option. While it lacks any of the more advanced features found in higher-end products, it provides a solid construction, quiet keys, and a lot of functionality for a very low cost. At┬ájust over $20, it’s really hard to expect more out of a gaming keyboard.

– 3 color back light with brightness options.
– Very quiet keys.
– Multimedia control buttons.

– No anti-ghosting.
– No macro keys.

The design of this gaming keyboard features a good “gaming” appearance, akin to a lot of the tech and almost futuristic designs that are popular with a lot of gamers (particularly younger ones). It has a good weight to it without being heavy, and there are some anti-skid rubber pads on the front side of the keyboard to help ensure it stays put while you’re gaming or just typing. They keys themselves are not mechanical, but they do have a nice little “thump” for a bit of feedback when pressed. I didn’t feel like they required too much pressure to actuate the switches, and they keys are VERY quiet. This makes using the keyboard in a shared space a viable option where louder switches would annoy the people around you. The cable on the keyboard is a simple rubber insulated cable, and lacks and sort of braided cover.

k2While this keyboard is definitely adequate for most general gaming, it does lack some features that more serious gamers might want. Particularly if you play anything competitive or any of the popular online titles like Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) or League of Legends (LoL), the lack of anti-ghosting may be undesirable. This feature ensures that all of your key presses, regardless of how quickly you press them or how many keys are pressed at once, will make it to the computer. With standard keyboards like this one, you are much more likely to lose a key press. This means movement or abilities used in games becomes less reliable. It also doesn’t sport any macro keys for gamers who play things like MMORPG or RTS games. So you don’t have the ability to map additional keys on this keyboard.


keyboard-1byoneOverall the Gaming Keyboard from 1byone makes a decent option for entry-level or budget gaming setups. This would probably be particularly suited to kids or teens whose parents would prefer a quieter keyboard and something with a bit of water resistance. I did notice the little drainage holes on the bottom of the keyboard, which means some occasional spills shouldn’t ruin it. And as with much of the entry-level gaming hardware, much of the decision rests on style and appearance. If you like the look of this keyboard, it can certainly handle most gaming applications. So while it lacks features most serious gamers will want, it’s hard to expect more out of a product that costs a little over $20.

1byone Gaming Keyboard: $20.99 – Amazon.com